Just a Funny One I wanted to post :^)

My last post was about Dreams. My dreams. The same dream. Time after  T I M E. So now I wonder if because I wrote about my wandering nights, the dream changed? What does this mean? I am at Walmart looking through jeans trying so hard to find my size. Then Gary walks up and starts having me try on very expensive jackets. Jackets that are not colors we like, or the style we would pick out. Then this very elderly man is beside me, handing jackets to me that are too large. Then I am at a creepy mall. But in my dream, I am actually happy because I am on the 2nd floor. Which in my dream, I realize I came up the escalator. I was comforted to still have steps in my night travels. 

Still at the mall, Gary says he wants to go on this walking trail that is there. All inside. It has footprints that you follow all along the way. He goes first, and I have to wait my turn. But, I am not wearing any shoes. I have come to the mall in just my socks. (I do have clothes on) HA! Thank goodness. The lady says I may borrow old shoes that have been left and are now in lost and found. Ewwww. But I look through the box, none are my size. I squeeze into a size 5, I’m a 6 1/2. (I don’t dream about numbers or sizes) Then the lady says I have to tell the managers I will offer up a special prayer for them for letting me borrow the shoes. So, I walk over, and the man says, “Don’t worry about it, just buy us new toupee’s”. To which I said, “Alright, I will”. Which sent them into huge fits of laughter. 

Then I realize I have to go to the bathroom and I am so lucky that the next place over is a restaurant. I hail down the frightened looking waitress and she says I will find the restroom to the left, but beware! The manager will attack you. He will chase you down if he catches you and realizes you did not pay for food. So I race around the corner and hear him right behind me. I quickly crawl under a table and spot the restroom about 7 feet away. I make a run for it, but stop when I realize the mall is dark and has closed.

I tell my husband, Gary, that I had the same dream AGAIN. He just smiles, but this morning I actually had him laughing. So he has now decided we will read our books and fall asleep to music.

Great. I now remember I used to fall asleep to music as a child and I dreamt of animals chasing and eating me. 


Searching Through The Night



They rarely let me rest. Dreams run me, or rather walk me everywhere, all night. Dreams make me wonder, they bring out the very curious creature in me. What is wonderful, is that I seem to remember them each morning. Most people claim to never dream or can not give detail on their evening jaunts in dreamland. 

I have done a bit of research on the computer and have also looked in my dream book my mom gave me. Climbing up and down stairs, all different kinds, seem to keep me quite busy. I walk on basement stairs, stairs in homes to reach the next level, all wooden, never carpeted. Outside, I am on cement stairs that are out in the middle of nowhere,freestanding. Most are not very high, but some are 300 feet up in the sky. When I am that high up, I am overlooking neighborhoods, and on my way down.

Neighborhoods are almost a big part of my dreams, but not as often as stairs. I am walking up and down hilly streets. Sometimes, I wander into one of my actual old homes that I lived in at one time in my life. 

My biggest dream really adds the stairs,neighborhoods,old homes, a search for a person, and throw in a 100 foot,round as a semi,snake. This one shakes me up the most and most times I wake up crying. I am searching for someone around corners,up stairs,and get a glimpse of them out the window or as I step outside, standing at the top of a staircase. It is usually always raining when I am in the house, running around. Once outside, I can never find this person, and just resume walking,stairs,and more homes and neighborhoods.  The enormous snake is hiding in a huge mess of bushes, trees, and vines and to the right side of the street.  Sometimes the snake is off a dirt path that leads in to  the woods where I absolutely have to go through to finish my search and wanderings. 

Always curious to know if anyone out there dreams like me! 


Saturday Morning Deja Vu

Friday night movie night with Gary-Incredibly Relaxing.  Everything in life slowed waaaaay down and got better as the night progressed. The popcorn tasted like gourmet. We topped it off with Cheez-its and leaned back and relaxed. The movie theater held a total of 6. Us included. So quiet. We enjoyed the movie Lucy and went with whatever it had to offer. We both like Morgan Freeman a lot and I like Scarlett Johansson. When we got home,  for some reason we talked about week night evenings when we were children. Get home from school, play outside till supper, do homework, watch half an hour of tv, (parent’s pick), read, go to bed around nine. 

After our talk on how similar our weeknights were, we seemed to wake up and relive childhood Saturday mornings. Get up way before our mom’s, like around 5  in the  a.m., switch the button on the television, hear it turn on, watch the same regular line-up of awesome, wholesome, cartoons.  Then by 8;30 or 9:00, begin deep house cleaning. My husband said he had to mow the lawn,work on the cars, and do outside house repairs. I had to start at the ceiling practically, and work down to scrubbing the floors. Then we headed to the store for the weekly grocery shopping.

So this Saturday, we decided to have a little deja vu. We wandered out to the living room and watched Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends for like two whole hours,  then really, really cleaned, then grocery shopped. We hauled out our trusty old crock pot and slowly cooked the recipe of the weekend-Pork Tenderloin with onion, chicken broth, and sauerkraut served with creamy sweet basil mashed potatoes. 

We have changed the family schedule somewhat from growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. We have relaxed more on bed times, how much tv is watched, we try to get work done around the house quicker, but we still have a lot of time together and we listen to our kids talk about their own fond memories of a little bit of their Saturday morning deja vu. Memories. Jennifer



TGIF and the weekend! We really try not to rush our days along, but this week has been not only a successful time with our kids,grandkids, and each other, but a very full work week. We are taking some special time tonight to be alone and have a date. It is given me something to look forward to the last couple of days. We are going to go see the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson. We also hope to visit our very popular county fair. The Wilson County Fair of Lebanon,TN is talked very highly about and people from all over come to see it each year. Have an awesome Friday! Jennifer

E-books! Books!

One day, two weeks ago, I had a few small minutes to run into the library, but just to return a book due that day. On the way out, I saw garbage on the ground and reached down so I could pitch it in the trash. It appeared to be someone’s business card all crumpled. I am curious to know what people do for a living and for their hobbies, so I smoothed it out. It was actually from the library. It read-ENJOY eBooks & audiobooks. I had just started downloading e-books on to my new ipad. I know I am behind the times still and will probably never be caught up. That’s okay. But I have to say, I got very excited. I wondered how long this had been available? I did not know I could sit at home and still get books from the library. I have since gotten an account and read and loved ,The Book Thief. My second book is the first in the series Cedar Cove, 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber. Has everyone known about this for awhile? LOL

Last week,  my husband and I walked into a BAM. We needed and wanted to relax and reconnect with each other. As we walked in, I felt like hugging him. So I did. I smiled. He smiled. We laughed and talked, holding hands as we looked down almost all of the aisles. The beautiful, wonderful, full of books to hold and touch, aisles. I love books. I love to read. I could not read at all as I started 1st grade, but much thanks to a couple of very special teachers who were patient and took the time to help me learn. After that, I have had a huge love affair with books. 

I hope to always have my favorite books  (adding to my collection) all around me. If it is just to glance over at them. Or pick them up and turn the pages. I am happy to be able to download books and I like that I can read them wherever, whenever. I don’t even have to turn on the lights. Jennifer


Word of the day-#Encourage

I just thought the word of the day would be #Encourage. Encourage those around you and also spread that encouragement out to people you walk past today. Smile and say hi or good morning. If someone is talking to you, then look into their eyes and look back with eyes that show encouragement. It is simple. We just do not know who might need this extra little bit of encouragement. Have a beautiful day! Jennifer