Benches-Please Pass This On!

I just love this bench. I wanted to share The Four-Way Test with you. To Think is our brain,what is in our heart. To Say is our mouth,and to Do is our body performing the actions that lead to Helping others. I know each time I read this, I can be sure there have been plenty of times in my life that…

Sit AWhile With Me

Come. Sit awhile. You remember when we first met? I was embarrassed to eat in front of you and you thought I was going to feed you to the geese? Now look at us! Not all the money in the world. Not any extra time in the day. We still pray together each morning. We…

The Purple Hull

Our Purple Hull Peas went Nice-LY!!!  with a pork tenderloin cooked all day in our old faithful crockpot and a side dish of Ooooooooooo Boy Turnip Greens. Oh, YUM!

Eternal High

Water Floating Clouds Limbs Green Pine Scented Rays Eternal Bliss Drifting Love Forgiveness No Concerns about any thing Not one foe Oriental Meditation   Massage Breathe……… Beautiful At Last Peace