Hay, Ya’ll

This looks to be such hard hot work. I would definitely put my all in to trying to lift one. But,I may need help. Enjoy seeing farmers in the field. Farmers driving their livestock down the road. Hay passing you on the street. Tractors plodding by.    


Week Day Travel

Smoky Mountains 27 Miles From   Gatlinburg,TN Cades Cove. An eleven mile one way loop. The loop is filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Old homes and churches are scattered along the drive. Usually, at the beginning of the trip,we see big fat turkey and a buck will walk in front of the truck. Or like…

Rejoicing and Many Prayers

We have a new baby,a brand new girl,all exactly 4 pounds of her adorable determined tiny self. Our daughter went through a lot and was being prepared for a C-Section when she decided no! I’m doing it my way. Her umbilical cord,she wore like a scarf. Wrapped around her neck and one arm. She makes…