Getting Fit

My husband and I made not only a promise to each other to work out while our son is becoming a Marine, but we also made a promise to our son to work out hard for him each day.

I sent him a letter explaining that we had a year membership at Planet Fitness which I believe I wrote about earlier. Gary and I struggled at first to figure out our best time to go. 

I fought him on trying to be there and ready to work out a little bit before 5 in the a.m. I was a definite grumpy bear at first when he mentioned it. But to be honest, once we started going at that early time, I found I was happiest!

We us the treadmill. We work out in the 12 minute ab area (I LOVE THIS AREA!)  Then we ride bikes,then lift arm and leg weights. 

To pamper ourselves, we finish with a hydro massage and a tan! We switch off on these last two every other day. I really relax on the hydro massage table and I turn the pressure all the way UP. I could easily fall asleep there and stay for awhile :) 

Then we finish off with a nice warm shower, wave good-bye to the friendly staff and head our separate ways to work! 

Our goal? To push ourselves harder and harder each time. But really we want our son to see an improvement in us and be proud that we worked hard while he was. Becoming a Marine is by far the hardest and we are so proud of his commitment and determination! Go us! Go Alexander!!

Any bird watchers or experts out there?? Help Me!

Help a city girl who’s trying to be a country girl out!!!       

Our last home we lived in was abundant with birds. Cardinals blue jays, and robins had their nests right past the feeders in the trees that lined our backyard. We had a field behind us that had plenty of deer, coyote, and turkey. I thoroughly enjoyed feeding them, watching them as I drank coffee, and pulling up the step stool so the grandbabies could watch them, too. 

This quaint little home we live in now, sits off the road on a state road and has woods in the back. At first, my husband spread bird seed on our small back deck and steps and sat the bird feeder on the railing. I could not see the feeder unless I opened the door and looked out the screen door. Of course, with winter, it is too cool to have the big door open and the noise scares any birds away. (If there were any!) The seeds were not going down, either.

Then my husband placed a small light blue wind chime outside my window in a little tree, (to remind me of my brother who passed) and I placed the bird feeder beside it. What I need help with is, Do any of you BIRD EXPERTS think that the little chimes keep the cardinals and blue jays away? I have one small family of finch out there in the morning, but I never see bigger birds. 

How would you suggest I attract more birds? I know it is winter here in Tennessee, but I should still be seeing cardinals and blue jays, correct? 

Any help and suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!!

No letter,Something Better

Patiently, I look in to the mail box every single day praying I will find a letter from our son who is becoming a Marine. No letter. No worries. He is working so hard. No letter. No matter. No letter.

Yesterday, no letter, but something better. Something that really touched my heart. We received a postcard that said our son had chose an engraved surprise for us! Whether it is for myself, or my husband, it did not matter. It brought happy, stinging tears to my eyes. Our son is growing up. He may just be still 18, but he is following his path he picked out for his life. He is not taking from us, he is giving to us. In giving, I mean giving to his family, friends, his country.

Whatever he had made, is to be worn on his Graduation Day! The day we will see our son become a Marine. Seeing all of them march in, watching them graduate, seeing him hug his new brothers. As he looks for us, we will make our way to him and receive something better than the hope of a letter. Our son, our Marine, a great big hug!

If I had time…

Last week I watched the movie, About Time, with my daughter. We both like Rachel McAdams acting and presence in a movie. I was able to find it at our local library and we made it a girls night, watching,eating,snacking,hanging out.

With any movie we watch together, we seem to really discuss the positive and negative, how well they seemed to embrace the character they are portraying, if we would handle the situation the way they did, and if it was an A, B, or C, movie.

When I write about movies and books, I try not to say too much about them just in case you have not seen or read them. About Time touched me. I never thought about changing my life, but I did see myself taking time to go and hug the one’s I love. Not just hugging, but seeing them. Really seeing them, like looking in to their eyes, sitting, listening to their voices, seeing them smile, and hearing their laughter.

If I caught myself telling them hold on a minute or I can not be with you right now, then I could fix this. There would be no way that I could repair damage done during arguments other than realizing that sometimes fights start because we all get busy, so consumed with daily life and what we really want is time well spent together and a bit of time for one’s self thrown in there somewhere. This story really seemed to take us on a loving, strong-knit family journey. This journey is what we hold close to our hearts, slowing down as we get older, to be able to laugh, cry, and smile over the beautiful memories we have had with those we love.

Beautiful blessings from above

As I followed my husband’s truck out on to the road,I noticed the still very dark sky above. It was 4:30 in the morning and the moon was so bright and the stars looked like they were gently scattered across a backdrop of white clouds and smoky blue sky.

I began to pray to the Lord and thank HIM for all my blessings from above. They were not just the moon and stars, but my family and friends,my children HE gave me,family that were up in the heavens now,sending down prayers for us down here on earth.

I thanked HIM for our health, HIS love, love from others. I thanked HIM for directing me along the way because HE could just as easily forget about me. But I am so blessed that HE does not. I thanked HIM for all the many, many, many blessings HE sends from above.

Online Christmas Shopping

Never did I imagine I would sit at home, and shop online for Christmas presents. Unless I was sick or older, I believed I would be among the many that rushed around shoving toys aside to find that this store was sold out of what I really wanted. Should I buy what was on the shelf, in hopes of finding what I really wanted at the next store? Then, I would envision being one in a million waiting in line to return a bunch of toys, slippers, and clothes.

The thrill was in the hunt. Driving back and forth to the same stores over and over, getting more and more. Getting home, hauling everything in and shoving tons of bags as far back in my closet. Then covering it all with quilts and blankets. So exhausted, but satisfied that I had conquered my list. 

Then this year, I looked around and realized that some of the stores I enjoyed shopping in where not really in the Christmas spirit. Maybe there are not as many decorations? Or Christmas music is only playing in certain areas? I felt let down. I pictured the employees waiting, anxiously, so they could drag it all away and hurriedly throw out Valentine stuff.

So, my husband mentioned that he was looking online at Target and filling his cart. So……..I thought why not! I made some coffee. I turned on Christmas music and I started SHOPPING!!

I’m in the holiday spirit. I have a stack of Christmas cards that need addressing. I’m safe at home. I’m warm and cozy. I’m liking this online Christmas shopping!