Sometimes, more than not, people I really love come to me or call me with their problems and dreams and nightmares.

Sometimes, I get angry with those who hurt them, and yell and spout off what I would do if I were them, or what I will do to them for making this special person in my life hurt or cry.

Sometimes, I dismiss it quickly and tell them to not think of it again. To go on with their life as if it did not happen. To laugh and be happy, but inside I take on their sorrow and pain. I hurt.

Sometimes, I hear their dreams and nightmares and think they will really come true.

Sometimes, and this is more often than not also, I am not very approachable and I do not handle the situation right. I think what help am I really? I can not say the right words like other people can. I can not express my genuine concern and fears the way others do.

Sometimes, I feel like I have failed them.

Sometimes, I know I am exactly where I need to be, trying to be all that I can.

Slow Down

Not going to try to rhyme or come up with a lot of words, just gonna be blunt. That is really how I am.  Slow down. Stop trying to rush each day, moment, sex, conversations, time with those you love and care for, and those you walk past. Look at the ground, the sky, your surroundings, people around you. Slow down to appreciate being out, breathing, walking, living. Living. Alive. Live and be alive. Smile. Look people in the eyes. Listen to them. See them. Touch them. Hear their pain and their joy. Touch their arm, shoulder, hug them. Stop rushing through the week. Slow down with friendships as they can easily come, but just as easily go. Enjoy hearing laughter, smelling good food, seeing someone smile, tasting someone’s kiss, feeling someone’s hand in yours, and on and on our list can go if we can just slow down.

Our “Pub Crawl”

Begin with myself and my husband. That is all!!! hee-hee Dressed up and doing our ###??? Okay, not sure on the number of pub crawls. We used to live in Florida and you could find just about any place open and alive or newly established to get a beer. And we did!

But we are not there, we are in Lebanon,Tn. We had been to Outback the past week and they apologized for the flat on tap beer that they had known about. So why serve it?  We had already visited Sammy B’s, & Chili’s. So this left a couple of places. One was out of business and the other I did not want to go to.

This pub crawl was to go to new places and meet new people. Not like the movie, The World’s End, where they go to the same places they went as kids, drink a beer at each place and get chased by aliens! Love the movie and would make a great blog!

So this left Legends Sports Bar and Applebee’s.  What an awesome night we ended up having! At Legends, the place was just beginning to get busy for the night. One couple played pool and picked music. We enjoyed a beer and tequila and took a lot of selfies. Yes, we have learned what selfie means. Or maybe you spell it selfy?

After that, we crawled over to Applebee’s and this is where we had the most fun! Applebee’s in Lebanon had some pretty bored looking individuals, but the bartender was adorable and talkative! She had us order an appetizer that when we opened the menu, we both said we will not order that! Ha! She said she loved it and we closed the menu and said we’ll take that! It was the pretzel’s and beer dip. Neither one of us like pretzel’s very much, but these were great.

We only had a pub crawl of two, but it did not matter. It was a date. Trying something different. Getting up and out on a Wednesday night. Making friends. Being together. It was a success. Next Pub Crawl might have to be in Mt. Juliet though!

A Special Recipe

Take a lot of Kindness and a twinkle from your eye, Use plenty of Give and Take with more of a will to Try.

A thimble full of Humor, now and then a pinch of Wit, and a compliment that is Honest Never,never forget it.

With a pat upon the shoulder and a joke or two, and laugh, Oh, do not forget the kisses ‘Bout a million and a half.

Mix them thoroughly with a Hug. Then add more Give and Take, put all this in a mixing bowl, be sure to stir and shake.

Perhaps a little seasoning, like Smiles and salty Tears, an ounce of Silver and Gold or more to care for those later years.

Yes, you should add some Spice of Life before putting it in to bake, also a lot of Patience and Trust, with a little more Give and Take,

Serve it with God’s Blessing that comes only from God above don’t know what you’ll call it but I call it “LOVE.”  

Who wrote this poem? 

Old Recipe Card……..

Chocolate Chip Cookies:1 Package Cake Mix

1/2 Cup Cooking Oil

2 Tablespoons Water

2 Eggs

1 Cup Chocolate Pieces

1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts

Oven:350 Degrees

Bake for 10-12 Minutes

I found this old card I had written when I was first out of my parent’s house. It was in my mom’s old recipe box and on the back she wrote-use any mix you want and make any flavor you want. Love you. I remember her experimenting with so many different flavors! We just moved this past weekend, and as I unpacked kitchen box’s I also came across A Taste of Home Cooking. A recipe book given to me by my mom-in-law in 1996. With great recipes from the Acton & Maple Hill United Methodist Churches in Indiana. This book has a lot of memories, food smudges, and a very sweet poem inside called-A Special Recipe which I will do a separate post for because it is special and needs its own place. And the final book or rather magazine I pulled out of the box certainly brings me comfort. It is called Taste of Home Comfort Food. On the front it reads 254 warm & cozy favorites and has a creamy, cheesy picture of macaroni and cheese! I have a lot of pages folded in and love to just sit and look at the recipes. One book that I believe is hiding, and not lost, I hope, is one on soups my husband bought for me when we were making long trips from Florida to Indiana to see his dad that was very sick with Parkinson’s. Finding these recipes has been fun and I feel happier setting them out in our kitchen in a basket for special menu’s and meals to make for and with my family!

3 Bright Stars Tonight

Today began at 4:15. Gary went for his morning jog down a Spooky Dark country road. Not included. Fear of being eaten by coyotes. But I did agree to go tonight just because he asked if I would like to see the night sky. And I feel like I practically jumped on the chance to go out in the Wild Scary night just to see if we can spot Orion’s Belt. Why did I agree so quickly when we can safely walk at the community center or Charlie Daniel’s Park when we go to Mt. Juliet. I can see 3 bright stars when we drive home. There are plenty of little side roads to pull off on and stand and stare at a whole big sky full of beautiful brightness. I agreed because he always wants me to experience everything with him. How wonderful, loving and special. I am married and we still, after so many years, want to do everything together. So. I hope to walk Bravely and Romantically. Look up and see stars tonight with the love of my life.

finding the soul

Young and old, they stop and stare. There they are. They stand in front of me. Are they real? The young smile. I can’t help but stop. They all pull me in with their eyes, the children, so friendly, the older one’s seeming to want to share something with me. I smile. I am here. What do you want to say? Should I already know? Do others see you, or only me? I feel like some are visiting deep into a part of my soul, adding. Always adding. Leaving a piece of them when they find my soul.