If clowns could make you happy, shooting stars could grant a wish, would we ever frown, would we have a want?

If a flower never lost its petals, our birds always sang, would we still appreciate its beauty, would we hum along?

If we gave more hugs, spoke more kind words, would we see more confidence, would we have less crime?

If we could fix each others worry, end all strife, would we ever argue, would we love our life?

that Fox

that Fox,sneaky and sleek, look, he has left us a treat

that Fox, sly and neat, slinking through on nimble feet

that Fox, he peeks through our cracks, always seeking to erase his tracks

that Fox, it is his life, cursing us with a time of strife

ms. Crow, calling over our head, warning of his approaching dread

that Fox, he’s so cruel, he’s so mean, we won’t ever figure out his scheme

that Fox, how terrible to try, unravel, that path he did travel

that Fox, it be said, that he is dead, but…

say a prayer, mr. Fox, He’s always there.


Winter. She died this morning on her daily walk and went to her own little paradise.

With the scent of a bloom, the face of a flower, the warmth of the sun, the sounds of nature.

She was glitter and cold, beauty and grace. 

Laid to rest in spring, among the trees, under a soft bed of moss.

With the whisper of a memory, a brush of sweet color, gathered in the arms of her Mother Earth.

A Soul Wrapped in Her Angels Love

Guardian angel in check planting

 kisses through

sweet pecks.

Wings wrapped around

her soul.

Pain no longer taking

its toll.

Green soft feathers

of strength.

Cruel pain healed in

a wink.

Now, she’s

sending her prayers on

golden threads.

Spreading blessings upon 

our heads.

Book Review, Suspect

Written by Robert Crais, but completely wrapped in newspaper, I still chose the book, Suspect. I placed it, still wrapped, on the seat beside me as I drove home. I have been choosing Rate My Date books from our local library since the 2nd week in February.

When I tore off the wrapping, my heart was excited to see one of my favorite dogs on the front cover, a german shepherd. I started reading the prologue, The Green Ball. I was pulled in right away because the subjects were Marines, both Pete and his dog, Maggie.

Their strength, tragic loss, love, fierce determination, and dedication were so powerful that I was crying before I began the first chapter. I am heading in to chapter 7 and if I did not have to make dinner for my family, I would put on my jammies and read all night.


Take my hand

Hold it tight

Guide me through my dream tonight……

I close my eyes,but yet I see

My true love walking ahead of me.

I cry out your name.

Each dream the same.

The rooms are empty, the halls are bare.

Your shadow does not linger there.

Make me stand

I will not fight, but I won’t find you in my dream tonight…..

The storm has arrived

I know it well

Will you appear?

Only time will tell.