An Early Morning Visitor

I pull into the driveway this morning of the lady I help each day. I love this client! She makes me laugh and I in turn make her laugh. We both have great big out loud guffaws. I greet her cocker spaniel on the porch, promise him breakfast and rub his ears. I slip into the house, not knowing if she will be in great pain or way spunky. I am in for a very energetic story. What a treat! Granny, I adopted her as mine, claps her hands together, and begins her story. She got up right before the first morning lights, rolls into the kitchen, and makes coffee. She sits by the window and watches for the birds to arrive. She looks over and sees her husband. He has his coffee mug filled and they sit and talk all morning. The talk about their time in their RV and his death due to Agent Orange. They talk about the rooster that stayed outside his bedroom window UP in the tree till he died. As she talked, I began to understand she REALLY had coffee with her late husband! I know that in my heart, that her having a terminal illness, she really saw her husband in her kitchen. He was there for her.

Why We Can’t Sleep

We, and I am talking about two of my daughters, one of my prayer partners who is reaching the age of 87, and myself, are definitely not getting a full nights sleep. I always sleep, and drift off very nicely. Lately, each one woman has told me she is struggling to get a decent nights sleep. We are not all together as we have these conversations. But in the past few days, each one has relayed to me having bad dreams and then drifting off and then wide awake throughout the night. Before I can ask what they are doing to go back to sleep, they tell me. They each begin praying earnestly for their loved ones, and I told them the exact same thing has been happening to me during the same time. I wake up nervous, but I don’t know why, so I start praying for my families safety and health. I believe in the power of prayer and I mention it in my posts sometimes. For some reason, maybe an angel is shaking us awake, because we are all praying for the same people.

Staying Connected

The life I have, and have had, is just beautiful. I have always loved being a momma, wife, daughter, and friend. I am so thankful. I have noticed there are stages, as a family, we have to climb up and get through to graduate to the next. Sometimes, I slow down, fall, or stop, but never quit and don’t plan to. Each day of my life, since I have had our first child, has been very full of love, bills, work, stress, tears, fun & laughter. We added prayer to our to-do list and gave all our worries each morning, at supper, and at bedtime to the Lord. Our life together, as a big family, has been very rich.

As we dwindled down to two, I felt empty, and then lost. Empty, because I loved hearing their voices and laughter in the house, and lost, because I would not have them around to mommy them. School schedules, swimming, sports, doctor appointments, working, rushing to the store, making homemade meals each night, prayer and bedtime. Then doing it all over again, and again. I went over being a mother and felt like I had tried so hard to be the very best. I loved each one of our children so much and the same. I never had a favorite child. I loved how they were each different. If I went back in time, I would add in more cooking with them, teaching them further than the basic recipes. I would play more classical music and insist they each learn notes and try their hand at a musical instrument. I would have longer, daily reading time. (WHERE I could see them and WHAT they were reading). LOL I would provide more and better materials for writing, and their artwork. We would find something new to learn every single day. I would stop everything and play more.

I have always told each one of them how proud I am of them. So, as my time having each one in our home, has ended, I tried to think of a way to stay connected. I pray daily for each one, and their new young families. I still encourage them and tell them I love them and that I am proud of them. I listen to each new plan they have and smile as much as possible. (Even if I begin to worry about this new direction they are headed). I exercise more and eat better so I can hopefully be healthier for them when I am older. I try to stay up on new technology, songs, books, and movies. But I still might be considered a dinosaur!  I love them so much and I keep them in my prayers. I picture the future, the up’s and down’s, and I try to stay strong. Trying to stay strong, keeping the path open, if they need me. Standing here,trying to stay connected.

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Vote To Help Pa. Foodbanks Win $50,000

Originally posted on CBS Pittsburgh:

Walmart is holding a contest to benefit food banks across the country through the “Fight Hunger. Spark Change” Campaign.

Fifty food banks will receive $50,000, but they need your help!

The winners will be determined by a vote on Walmart’s website. There are several in the state of Pennsylvania looking for your vote!

According to a press release, “The campaign comes at a critical time, as food insecurity remain at a historic high this fall, with 1 in 7 Americans in need of food assistance today – including 12 million children.”

If you’d like to cast a vote to help out our local food banks, visit Walmart’s website here:

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Perseverance:steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

obstacles that might stand in my way each day as I try to write and learn:scheduled away from the house for work,errands,travel,and appointments,interruptions at home by family or by the phone

what to do about these obstacles:carry a pen and paper to jot ideas down for writing,use ColorNote on my phone,bring my tablet with me as I travel,talk to my family and let them know I am working (writing) and still have special time with them during the day and also a few nights

Since I have to be out, listen to the radio to educate myself on the news, and new songs, listen to people’s conversations,help people in need,look for ways to volunteer and/or get involved,go to my appointments early and relax (a little me relaxing time)

Keep encouraging myself and others around me to work hard towards their dreams. Tell them they will have down days and people will be negative, but try to look for the positive.

Never give up! Keep writing,dreaming,never stop!

Take A Moment For 9/11

I have an open prayer going today. I have had a moment of silence. I pray for each person that was there when it happened and each person that lost someone that day. I pray for our firefighters, medics, and each and every one that helped those in need. I continue to pray for the safety of our nation, and our families and friends……………….

Their Poisoned Flower

There once was a young girl that blossomed to be a beautiful flower. Her parents loved her and watched her grow to be a lovely young lady. Her smile was like sunshine. Her limbs were graceful and danced like the wind through a willow. When she was near, not only did her words touch their heart, but her eyes invited them to look deep into her soul. There she would pull them near and wrap them close with her love. There they would stay through the day.

She began to take walks, just to have her own time to be away. She mingled with some close friends, and they began to help lead her astray. They introduced her to a young man that had grown to be a weed. Poisoning every part of their promising flower. He pushed the evil drink to her full lips. He encouraged her fun times if she would just swallow what was in his hand. He even went so far as to get her to poison herself with the needle he placed in her hand.

Then one day, the flower and the weed went to far. They hovered above their broken bodies and looked at their soiled life. They were trampled, and mangled and cried out for some one to please help. The same time they were crying, the flower’s parents were kneeling. Praying for help. Praying for angels to appear. Angels to guide their souls back to their bodies. To heal them and protect them. To bring them back home. There they would wrap them in mercy and give them hope.

That night a prayer was answered.  Medicine poured over and through, like rain, healing their insides, and encouragement, like sunshine, helped them continue to grow. Now when people look, they see these two. Two young happy people. New parents. Living free.