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Avengers:Age of Ultron

My husband and I went to see this movie with our son while we vacationed with him in Orlando. He mentioned a few times in our few days together that we should go see the newest Avengers movie. He had gone off base and saw it one time. So we decided to see it again with him.

Even though I have seen each one, I still do not have, and will not ever have the memory that our son has for each character and each line. He and his older sister, our youngest daughter have these amazing memories. They memorize each line, songs, names, and scenes. I get all the movies mixed up and forget who is who!

Lucky for me, there is this green hulk that I love, Iron Man, Captain America and his nice strong sculpted, ugh, shield :) handsome Thor and clever, pretty, Natasha. Plus, I have always loved to see my son and husband enjoy very buttery, very salty popcorn. The constant action makes me want to leap, climb, run, and fly high slaying evil and protecting the world.

I am curious to see how far in to the future I will be found sitting beside my boys watching a movie about comic book heros? I think they can go on forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I think I was more excited to leave the theater and have my son tell me all about the movie, all over again. That did not happen. He highly recommended this movie to all that have faithfully went to each one.

Why didn’t he recap each scene I worried? Why was he quiet on this visit? Well. He’s tired. He’s a Marine. :)

So, go and relax, enjoy the previews, eat popcorn,and maybe leave a comment for me. Recap a little for me like he would.

A Different View Than You

This title may make someone think I am going to bring up a touchy subject. No, and I smile. I was just able to spend some time in a wheelchair over the Memorial Day weekend. This is where I discovered the different views we have between sitting on a bench, in a wheelchair, and standing to view people all around us. And, did I have one of the best places to do this at. Disney World! Magic Kingdom! Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!

For the past few months, I have really been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot. For awhile, I woke up each morning really expecting it to be healed. How naive. I am not old, but nor am I young. So I half-heartedly began icing my foot and stretching out my whole body.  I resisted sitting down with my leg up. I refused to take an ibuprofen. 

Because I was stubborn, I had to wear strong, clunky tennis shoes instead of glittery pretty sandals with my dresses and skirts. I had to be wheeled around at all the major theme parks by my husband. But to top it all off and what made me cry…. We were asked to meet our Marine. Our son for a fast paced, fun adventure in Florida and his Momma was not able to keep up. (I always keep up. I think I have always set a fast pace, weaving in and out of people, the family following like my ducklings).

 I found myself wanting to wear a grumpy shirt,ha ha, and realizing I did this to not only myself, but to my husband and son. So, as I first sat down, and felt sweet relief, I also saw them smile at me. They did not want to see me suffering. They did not have selfish thoughts of running ahead, leaving me behind while they rode rides. 

It was a different experience and brought on  a lot of laughs. I saw the wall a few times. But my husband was only joking, and would turn me around. I saw a lot of bottoms, and more pulling and adjusting than what I knew went on. I did not know a stretched, sore neck would happen, but I like to see my boys as I talk to them.  I have to say, I really saw a lot more than this. I saw, at a more relaxed pace than anyone, people laughing, children with painted faces, hugs, hand holding, families getting tired, flower blooms, ducks and birds.

And then, I saw Walt Disney’s signs! I saw and read his vision. I strolled down Main Street with him. I tasted the flavors. I heard the laughter and excited banter. A different slower pace for me. Maybe not a different view than what others saw. My view is rated 5 stars. A wonder. A blessing!

The Market Cross


Oh My! Read to the end.

Originally posted on Locksands Life:

My local town is, and has been for close on 45 years, Devizes in Wiltshire. When I drove into the Market Place the other day I was shocked by a structure I didn’t, at first, recognise. But then I was driving and concentrating on other traffic and pedestrians using the crossing.

I was able to park the car and get a photograph.


It proved to be the Market Cross under wraps. Presumably it is getting a bit of a spruce up.

Having lived in the area for 35 years I take these things for granted but I have found a photo I took of some classic cars around the Market Cross on a very wet day in May 2004.


You might notice there’s a metal plaque on the cross. That tells the tale of Ruth Pierce.

This extract is from A History Military and Municipal of the Ancient Borough of…

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Look Up

Looking up right from the ground

Just EyeBalls on the Dirt

Long Eyelashes blinking away the strife

Strife from Every Single Bit of Life

Life Worries that Keep us from Smiling

That is alright the family Worries will Never

Ever Fade away But We will Look around 

Just our eyes and then appears a mouth and a smile

We say a Prayer and all of this wicked earths evil

Just rolls in to the dirt

Suddenly we are free

Free to finally be you and me


If clowns could make you happy, shooting stars could grant a wish, would we ever frown, would we have a want?

If a flower never lost its petals, our birds always sang, would we still appreciate its beauty, would we hum along?

If we gave more hugs, spoke more kind words, would we see more confidence, would we have less crime?

If we could fix each others worry, end all strife, would we ever argue, would we love our life?

that Fox

that Fox,sneaky and sleek, look, he has left us a treat

that Fox, sly and neat, slinking through on nimble feet

that Fox, he peeks through our cracks, always seeking to erase his tracks

that Fox, it is his life, cursing us with a time of strife

ms. Crow, calling over our head, warning of his approaching dread

that Fox, he’s so cruel, he’s so mean, we won’t ever figure out his scheme

that Fox, how terrible to try, unravel, that path he did travel

that Fox, it be said, that he is dead, but…

say a prayer, mr. Fox, He’s always there.