Take my hand

Hold it tight

Guide me through my dream tonight……

I close my eyes,but yet I see

My true love walking ahead of me.

I cry out your name.

Each dream the same.

The rooms are empty, the halls are bare.

Your shadow does not linger there.

Make me stand

I will not fight, but I won’t find you in my dream tonight…..

The storm has arrived

I know it well

Will you appear?

Only time will tell.

Valentine Fun

I have the sniffles, I have a cold, but I promised my daughter and her two children we would venture out for a couple of hours to shop at Walmart. As I drove back from work, the wind was blowing and snow was twirling. I was thinking of the lack of sleep I got the night before and I realized that more than anything I wanted to have some fun.

So we had Valentine fun! We picked out pretty red polish and looked at pink and red flowers. We let the babies choose heart shaped balloons, and pink frosted, sprinkled cookies. We put coloring books, crayons,and stickers in the cart. Red juice and freshly ground coffee went in too.

As we drove home, I thought some vapo-rub and something warm to eat would be a nice ending. But having them ask me to color with them and getting hugs and big kisses gave my heart a warmer feeling all filled with love. That was the best ending.

The Worst Cook

Aunt Grace was actually my great aunt on my mom’s side. Her mom and her mom before her were amazing cooks I’ve been told. What happened to Aunt Grace in that area is a mystery.

She could put together a mean mouth -watering sandwich from “this and that” she gathered from yards and fields in the neighborhood that surrounded part of an area by the Indy 500. Of course, with all the chemicals nowadays, she wouldn’t want to eat anything she found. And I am not even sure she would be able to find anything alive to put between two pieces of white bread.

She Loved to eat. Right up to the day she died, she would fill her plate to overflowing and talk and laugh and eat and eat. She was fun. Just a fun person to be around.

She kept a very spotless home, but she had so much packed in to each room. Her sisters were kleptomaniacs and maybe once they had died, she had gone to their homes and retrieved her missing knickknacks and pictures and added them to new one’s she had to buy again. They would steal from stores. Silly things they did not even need. And they would steal a picture right off your wall and have the nerve to go and hang it right on their wall. Right in plain sight!

She was extremely blunt. Very much so. But for some reason, you still liked her. I really wish I would have had more time with her. Not eating her food, but just being around her.

She could not have children, so her and her husband adopted a child that was deaf. His parents did not want him because of his disability. She took him to her home and he was hers forever after that. He ended up living in a home right next to hers with his wife in Indianapolis. He took great care of her to the very end.

But back to her cooking. She was by far the worst cook probably ever. When we stopped to check on her and see if she needed anything, unfortunately, she insisted she make you something. Every thing got a big huge spoonful of bacon grease. When you entered the kitchen, your stomach would not come in with you. After you suffered through each bite, she grabbed your plate, wiped it with a towel, and shoved it in the cabinet. In case that did not make sense. She did not wash her dishes, she assumed you were clean, and she just wiped it all down with a towel and returned it to its place with the other “clean dishes”!

I daydream…

I daydream…….of living to be quite old, sitting in my chair,looking out at all my wealth. Wealth that fills the heart, not the pocket. Family that grew from two young people in love. Children. Grandchildren. Laughter, smiles, and hugs. Some fears, angry words, and tears. First days of school, friends, weekends and hot summer days at the beach.

I daydream……..of traveling the world, meeting amazing new people. Eating different food, learning their traditions, forming lasting bonds.

I daydream……..I am a Superhero. Able to solve life’s many problems with just a wink. Stretching, bending, hugging, smiling. Never tiring.

I daydream……..!


watching the snow covering Pike’s Peak,
driving through a canopy of healthy summer trees,
hypnotized by a child’s smile,
watching a pot of thick, rich stew simmer in the pot,
someone reaching for your hand,
surprise tulips poking up through the cold ground,
a tractor plowing in the setting sun,
the mirage of heat rising from the ground,
a handwritten envelope from a very familiar hand……

My Spooky Cemetery Findings

Who knew? Most of us might be under the assumption that each and every cemetery is well groomed. A few years ago, I found out that I was quite naive. I traveled alone to my hometown of Brownsburg, Indiana, in search of my ancestors graves. They were the Browns and the founders of Brownsburg, Indiana. I was certain that my way back Great Great Great Great Grandfather may not have flowers placed on his stone anymore and that the lettering may have faded almost away. Maybe covered in black fleshly mold, but not in disgrace. Not the way I found it.

It was March, and freezing out. I had decided the only way I would look at graves would be when I knew the ground was frozen. I did not want to step down in to any sunken graves and be attacked by ants or hornets. But, mainly, I knew from stories from my mom, that some of the graves were in snake pits and others were set right by a ravine with water moccasins.

I could understand these graves being lost, never to have a little man come around pulling weeds and setting stones back up. I am absolutely, with out a doubt, terrified of snakes. Even the plastic ones from the store. But, I found myself bravely walking where it looked like no one had before.

One grave site was in town, close to the downtown. If I could have swam through the three foot tall dead grass……It was by far the spookiest graves I had ever seen in my life. Tall, dark,and scary. As I dutifully checked each tombstone, I found I had worked my way to the back. Way, way back. To the right of me was the deepest ravine, and if I slipped down there, I would not be found for a while.

As I started to turn left and work my way back to the front, I nearly jumped out of my skin. A pig began to squeal so loud that I was sure it was racing up the ravine to attack me. Or worse, it was being chased by something big that wanted to eat it. Even though all the hairs were standing up on my arms and neck, I was determined to make sure to check each tomb. As the pig kept squealing, I noticed a crow flying around and around over the deep hole. I never saw any kind of animal racing frantically at me, but have always wondered if the crow was just trying to scare me off and was screaming, hoping I would run.

I sent pictures of where I was at to my husband. He texted back that it was right out of a mystery movie. I did not find family there. But I did go a few blocks over to the Brownsburg Library and spent the rest of the day and part of the night there going through old pictures of my ancestors and history books………..