Their Poisoned Flower

There once was a young girl that blossomed to be a beautiful flower. Her parents loved her and watched her grow to be a lovely young lady. Her smile was like sunshine. Her limbs were graceful and danced like the wind through a willow. When she was near, not only did her words touch their heart, but her eyes invited them to look deep into her soul. There she would pull them near and wrap them close with her love. There they would stay through the day.

She began to take walks, just to have her own time to be away. She mingled with some close friends, and they began to help lead her astray. They introduced her to a young man that had grown to be a weed. Poisoning every part of their promising flower. He pushed the evil drink to her full lips. He encouraged her fun times if she would just swallow what was in his hand. He even went so far as to get her to poison herself with the needle he placed in her hand.

Then one day, the flower and the weed went to far. They hovered above their broken bodies and looked at their soiled life. They were trampled, and mangled and cried out for some one to please help. The same time they were crying, the flower’s parents were kneeling. Praying for help. Praying for angels to appear. Angels to guide their souls back to their bodies. To heal them and protect them. To bring them back home. There they would wrap them in mercy and give them hope.

That night a prayer was answered.  Medicine poured over and through, like rain, healing their insides, and encouragement, like sunshine, helped them continue to grow. Now when people look, they see these two. Two young happy people. New parents. Living free.


The Search

The search for family began about 16 years ago. Two years ago, I discovered my Grandma, my mom’s biological mother. I honestly thought I would discover her after she had died. I pictured myself finally looking up her name, and different ways to type it into the computer, to finally see it appear. It would be a last name I had never heard of and it would be printed on a tombstone with the beginning date, one that I had looked up many times. 

The day I found her, I had stayed up all night and almost all day. I reached a high I had never experienced before in my life. My best friend and forever love, my wonderful husband that had supported me on this desperate search, was gone for a few days for work. I called him on the phone and excitedly told him every single detail!! I wrote it all down and then when he returned home, I told him all over again.

Well. I could hardly sit still. I had begun a free family search on some years ago and just never gave up. Since this time, three uncles and cousins have been added to our family tree! The last uncle was just found two weeks ago. It is like finding some LOST PIECES from a long forgotten PUZZLE!

The Search is still ON. From this search spirals lies, secrets, confusion, doubt, runaways,  anger from some of my family, and the biggest mystery still to feed my curious mind!

jennifer and alex

68 Days Go Alexander!

Getting armed with notebooks, pens, calendars, menu’s, decorating ideas, and other blogs here on WordPress.

I have started a board on Pinterest  labeled Marines The Few The Proud.  I love that people share their ideas for letters and gift boxes and encouragement all around the world on Pinterest and other sites.  Go ahead and check out my Pinterest and my FacebookJennifer New 

Gary found a very wonderful, helpful, informative site  I can not wait to have some alone time  to learn from this dear lady that worked so hard to inform us parents about graduation day at Parris Island.  The notebooks and calendars are so I can write everything down that is starting to swirl through my head during the day and while I sleep.

Many prayers being sent up, but much more blessings being sent down.

Jennifer love and happiness

So Blessed

I had to write this before I could breathe normal and let down for the evening.

I have received some special blessings today. My husband and I woke up fifteen minutes late, but we:

#1 Drank COFFEE

#2 Had Devotions and got on our knees and prayed for our whole family

#3 We made a deal to read through the Bible together in a year (something I have never attempted)

#4 Then still had time to have more coffee and hang out talking and smiling and laughing

#5 We hugged and reminded each other the weekend was almost here!

So, two seconds went by and he called me and said he missed me. I smiled and laughed and felt so blessed to have him in my life, missing me before he even left the driveway. I took my son to school and went home to fold clothes. I folded a pair of his blue jeans and a little tiny Purdue sweatshirt he wore when he was not even a year old. I had found it with his old yearbooks and washed it. I will put it in the big, blue tote my husband and I started for him. He will be leaving for the Marines July 7. He will get to come home for a very short period. I believe it is less than ten days and then he is off to start his life. What a blessing to have this little brief time with him. His blue tote will hold his Christmas train from Disney World, his Christmas decorations we picked out for him each year, yearbooks,and his little tiny Purdue sweater.

Then I was off again to drive our youngest daughter to work and to watch her two year old and 10 month old for a few hours. Such a blessing to have time with our grandchildren! We have eight and one on the way and they adore us.

Blessed! As I was driving, I really wanted to be with my mom. So I asked her to lunch and we all ate hamburgers and fries. As we sat at Burger King, I listened to them talk and saw them smiling and I slowed down and saw this time as such a sweet little blessing. I told myself to do this a lot more often. Even if it was picnics at the park or just a drive looking for animals in the country. Time is what every one really wants from me. My time. What an honor and a blessing. Then I took my mom home and after she got out, she turned and smiled. This smile said thank you baby for spending time with me and wanting to be with me. This almost made me cry. Lately, I have wanted to read James Patterson books and wrap up in a blanket and be selfish. So glad I have not given in to this moment of “me time” very much this year.

Then the babies and I headed to the library to pick out books for them. Some Dora the Explorer, Toy Story 2, and Tinkerbell and as we sat there, I thought how blessed I was. Of course, we barely had begun on the baby books and my grandson began to fill his diaper and OH My Gosh did he stink up the area. We checked out our books and I knew I did not have any baby wipes. I knew because my daughter had told me if I got some she would pay me back. Well, I had put it off. It was time to pick her up from work but I had to make a fastly run into Walmart with two little one’s. As I raced through the store, I tried to think how this was a blessing. All I came up with as I got behind slow people, and crowds, was that we were blessed somehow to be right were the Lord wanted us to be.

Then I got my daughter and my son and came home and decided to actually take some me time. So I shut the door to our bedroom and watched the ending to a sad movie. The blessing to this was that as I watched it, I had painted my nails and began to cry a lot during the movie and really needed to blow my nose. Since I am not that coordinated, and knowing that I would get toilet paper all over my nails, I sat and sniffled. I loathe to hear sniffling. But it caused me to think of the movie and how this man had lost his wife and his son. I began again to think how I am so much blessed from above and that I do not ever want to not want to take time to talk or drive or eat or watch a movie or take to work or pick up from school or care for any of them. They were made just for me. They are so amazing. I love to hear them chatter in the other room or on the phone. I love to hear them laugh and I love to hear them say that they love each other. All of us, all nineteen and a half (one due in March)!!! of us,are so blessed to be so close. So blessed.

Thank you, Dear Lord. Thank you for this slow Friday night we will spend at home. Pigging out on leftovers and watching a mystery and talking and laughing. Thank you for the most important blessing. Family and time. I know it will end soon and they will be in their own little homes with their own little schedules,but thank you for these special little moments. My husband just called and said he was jamming out and had the top down on his Mustang, so I said “Come pick me up and let’s take a drive”. While we drove, the song he dedicated to me was playing. The one he always gets choked up on at the end. Smashing Pumpkins,Today. I love him and here’s another blessing. Time with my loving husband at the end of the week and the beginning of a blessed weekend.

We will end our night in prayer,holding hands.  I am so thankful for today’s blessings. Thank you, Jennifer (Sissy, Momma, Mamaw) This woman is so blessed.

I’m so glad you’re near

I feel you sometimes and sometimes I feel you here all the time.

I miss you when you are gone, but I know you are visiting Mom and Dad.

Not many can make me smile and cry at the same time.

But I am thankful you do because then I stop to think.

I think if you are proud of who I have become?

I really think you could have been so much more than me.

Smarter, more patient.


Your gentleness lives around me in the piano music I hear,the beauty in flowers and butterflies,as I breathe in the smell of the earth after it rains.

I know you love me and I know you look down from heaven and smile.

You know where I am and you stay close.

Sometimes I pray and beg to be able to come there soon.

I tell the Lord I am not strong enough and never will be to lose another person so close to me.

That’s when I think how you would handle being here instead of me.

You would get up.

You would smile.

You would help others.

You would thank the Lord for taking me safely to heaven.

You would feel me near you and you would stop to think.

You would smile not cry,  because you would know I am so proud of you.

I am so glad you are near.

Bragging on our son

I just picked our son up from school. I really felt like bragging on him today. He is a senior this year. He has always been on the honor roll  his whole life, except maybe two times. He was born on my late brother’s birthday.  He memorizes what is taught in each class, what he see’s in movies and what he reads. He is full of energy, full of humor,full of love, and full of life. He opens doors for, and is, respectful to women. He still waves at me and kisses and hugs me in public. He is by far, the best Uncle there is. He makes over each niece and nephew and always picks them up and plays with them! He tells about Robot Chicken and SNL in a way that makes me laugh harder than when I watch them myself. He conquers every video game out there,and makes up and does amazing artwork for games himself. He really is an awesome artist and writer! A few weeks ago, he was telling me that the senior’s in his JROTC class would be going to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Murfreesboro, TN right before Christmas to visit with and hand deliver Christmas cards to them. I was so proud of him tonight when I picked him up. He was so excited when he got in the van. He truly enjoyed being there. He talked to one man that had  guarded  the men that placed the American flag on the hill at the Battle of Iwo Jima.  Our son will leave us next July, at 17 years of age,to go into the Marine’s.  The lady that I help each morning was excited because her neighbor is a Vietnam Veteran and he was really impressed with a young man that gave him his Christmas card. He showed it to her and at the bottom was our son’s name.   He has, and is, and always will be a wonderful blessing from above.  Thank you Dear Lord. 


He is here right now!

  One of the most amazing creatures I have ever met?  He was short and kind, somewhere in his late 70’s to early 80’s and someone to whom my husband and I refer to as our  youngest daughter’s guardian angel.  We were hiking in a park in Indiana and she was in my arms,on my right hip. We had climbed the trail to a look-out point and we stopped to look over the side.  Our daughter,who was only a year old, decided to lunge forward and was out of my arms and over the side so suddenly. Then in a flash,she was back on my hip and in my arms. I was terrified,shocked,amazed, and thanking the Lord as I hugged her close. When I looked at my husband,  I knew he had seen the whole scene because his face looked like how I felt. We stood for a few moments and talked to this amazing being.  He mentioned our daughter,so we turned to loving look at her ,but when we looked back to him, he was gone. He had vanished! We like to tell this story ever so often and finish it off with this, so we pause, we smile, and say, there was no place to hide and the trail was long and clearly visible! So unless he jumped over the side, he was her angel and he had saved her life that day! He was dressed in dress pants, a sport coat and a fedora. My daughter just moved out last week, all of a sudden, because, she had a great opportunity to have her own place. But  I do wonder? Why does he keep coming into my thoughts? Why do I keep seeing him in my mind? Why do I sense him?  Her angel is close by me. So, I thank him, each time he is here.  He is near right now to comfort her Momma and to protect our little girl.  I love to hear stories of our loved ones escaping harm by angels or amazing heroic people! Have you saved someone’s life or been saved from certain harm? Please share! It warms our hearts and makes us thankful for each day with those we love.