If clowns could make you happy, shooting stars could grant a wish, would we ever frown, would we have a want?

If a flower never lost its petals, our birds always sang, would we still appreciate its beauty, would we hum along?

If we gave more hugs, spoke more kind words, would we see more confidence, would we have less crime?

If we could fix each others worry, end all strife, would we ever argue, would we love our life?

A Soul Wrapped in Her Angels Love

Guardian angel in check planting

 kisses through

sweet pecks.

Wings wrapped around

her soul.

Pain no longer taking

its toll.

Green soft feathers

of strength.

Cruel pain healed in

a wink.

Now, she’s

sending her prayers on

golden threads.

Spreading blessings upon 

our heads.

The Strength of prayer

The strength of our young man.

No looking back to give a final wave,

Just a slight turn of the eyes.

Walking purposely.

Bravely moving forward.

Walking through the open doors.

Open World.

Showing STRENGTH purposely through silent prayer,

No final phone call.

Thirteen weeks moving in to manhood.

Knowing We Are In Prayer.

Bravely moving in to Strength through those who became powerful before him.

Thank you for them!

Young Man Being Lead,

In To The Marines.

Strength of his and our prayers.

Family strengthened through prayer.

Remembering he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength!


A Special Recipe

Take a lot of Kindness and a twinkle from your eye, Use plenty of Give and Take with more of a will to Try.

A thimble full of Humor, now and then a pinch of Wit, and a compliment that is Honest Never,never forget it.

With a pat upon the shoulder and a joke or two, and laugh, Oh, do not forget the kisses ‘Bout a million and a half.

Mix them thoroughly with a Hug. Then add more Give and Take, put all this in a mixing bowl, be sure to stir and shake.

Perhaps a little seasoning, like Smiles and salty Tears, an ounce of Silver and Gold or more to care for those later years.

Yes, you should add some Spice of Life before putting it in to bake, also a lot of Patience and Trust, with a little more Give and Take,

Serve it with God’s Blessing that comes only from God above don’t know what you’ll call it but I call it “LOVE.”  

Who wrote this poem? 

i will keep going

i am tired i will get up i will move around i will keep going.

i am weepy i am sad i will stand up i will keep going.

i am not as smart  i will keep trying to learn i will keep going.

i am going to be more creative it does not turn out the way i envision i will keep going.

i am not always nice i will keep going.

i am not as patient as some i will keep going.

i am not always brave i will keep going.

i am motivated by others i will keep going.

i am encouraged daily by you i will keep going.

i am blessed with your love i will keep going……….. 

The Tree

The limbs, the branches, the old and the new.

The trunk the body, the base the knees.

The roots our strength.

Searching through our soil we find our secrets,deep.

Each leaf a  soul, each vein a life.

The sap our tears, the rustle our laughter loud, the groans our growth, the whispered wind hiding our fears.

Swaying gently to weather our own storms.

Reaching to the sun to develop our dreams.

Under the stars to fold together as one each night.

You, me, all of us, our family tree.