Saturday Morning Deja Vu

Friday night movie night with Gary-Incredibly Relaxing.  Everything in life slowed waaaaay down and got better as the night progressed. The popcorn tasted like gourmet. We topped it off with Cheez-its and leaned back and relaxed. The movie theater held a total of 6. Us included. So quiet. We enjoyed the movie Lucy and went with whatever it had to offer. We both like Morgan Freeman a lot and I like Scarlett Johansson. When we got home,  for some reason we talked about week night evenings when we were children. Get home from school, play outside till supper, do homework, watch half an hour of tv, (parent’s pick), read, go to bed around nine. 

After our talk on how similar our weeknights were, we seemed to wake up and relive childhood Saturday mornings. Get up way before our mom’s, like around 5  in the  a.m., switch the button on the television, hear it turn on, watch the same regular line-up of awesome, wholesome, cartoons.  Then by 8;30 or 9:00, begin deep house cleaning. My husband said he had to mow the lawn,work on the cars, and do outside house repairs. I had to start at the ceiling practically, and work down to scrubbing the floors. Then we headed to the store for the weekly grocery shopping.

So this Saturday, we decided to have a little deja vu. We wandered out to the living room and watched Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends for like two whole hours,  then really, really cleaned, then grocery shopped. We hauled out our trusty old crock pot and slowly cooked the recipe of the weekend-Pork Tenderloin with onion, chicken broth, and sauerkraut served with creamy sweet basil mashed potatoes. 

We have changed the family schedule somewhat from growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. We have relaxed more on bed times, how much tv is watched, we try to get work done around the house quicker, but we still have a lot of time together and we listen to our kids talk about their own fond memories of a little bit of their Saturday morning deja vu. Memories. Jennifer


So Important to Set Goals

Sometimes is seems that life gets so hectic that time just passes so quickly.  In fact, with all the new technology available, much of our precious spare time is now filled before we know it.  This makes it so important, now as much as ever, to set goals and keep moving forward.

Keeping your eyes on the prize…

Starting out on a journey with no clear understanding of where we want to end up is certain to be full of surprises, both good and bad.  Life has enough of those, whether you plan or not.  Taking the time to look ahead, both short term and long term is critical to helping not only see the direction you want to travel, but in getting you there.

It is easy to forget…

Ever notice that our days are filled with ideas and thoughts that are so quickly forgotten.  Writing down daily thoughts and tasks helps to keep us straight.  So it works with writing down goals, and keeping them in plain site.  Tape them on your mirror, put them on your tablet or smart phone.  The key to remembering is seeing them often enough to keep moving in the right direction.

You are the one you need to make happy…

While it is great to encourage others on their way to achieving goals, never lose sight of what is important to you and those you love.  Your goals may be somehat silly to others, or like mine just downright crazy.  The fact is you need to make yourself happy.  Be honest with yourself on your dreams and where you want to go.  Be true to yourself.  Oh yeah, and keep moving forward – Walt Disney. 



Hanging out with loved ones…

Something special about hanging out with loved ones. It is special when those people are family members. People you enjoy being with and appreciate their company. A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend at Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World with some very special family members that we truly love spending time with. Doesn’t the time go so fast? Too fast! We had such a wonderful time and every moment felt like a special moment.


God blesses us with these time as we draw closer to him. As the 4th of July draws closer to us as an American holiday tradition, I hope each of you are able to find those special people and spend time with them. Hopefully they are family members, but they may be friends, or people you work with, or workout with. It doesn’t really matter, but just know that you have special people around you each and every day that you need to appreciate their time and the love that your feel. Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone and may you enjoy it with those dear to you. GSN

I’m letting life happen

Whether I get up or not each day, my life and life around me is going to continue. There has been no tragedy, just many changes this year.  Some very stressful one’s that felt like they might break me, but as they passed through, beautifully, along came the blessings. These testings have just made me more fiercely, determined to stop! Stop worrying. Pray. Stop trying to fix what is wrong and just let it happen. Once I was able to clear the ugly from others out of my life, back came the smiles, the laughter, the happiness. The joy of getting up every morning to open the curtains, listen to the birds, take a walk, and plan out our goal list. Now, I concentrate on all the positive people around me that love me, for me. There will always be the mean and ugly, but who know’s what will happen to them? Maybe prayer and patience to let it happen will be the strong path to them healing and being a blessing to someone in their life that needs them. For now, I am moving forward,enjoying the blessings. Curiously excited to see what will happen in my life. Peace.

27 Days

I could try to be more creative on the title of my blogs, but it is just what it is. Our son leaves for Parris Island in 27 days and our family and friends could not be more supportive. We have been to Disney World twice since my last blog, had his graduation from high school, and went a few times to visit his Grandma and uncle in Indiana. We tried running with him and I ended up injured and looked like Tim Conway playing the part of the little old man that shuffles around on the Carol Burnett show. We still walk with him and I will get back in to running. We play the Harry Potter Clue game and watch the Clue movie which is a long-standing family tradition,we listen to and watch him play all his different video games, go to the movies and pig out on popcorn,and look at old family photos and smile remembering the great times we have had. I eagerly wait for him to share the latest Robot Chickens he has watched. I laugh harder when he tells about them, rather than actually watching one. We listen to him repeat every documentary word for word and I know he must be some kind of genius. He memorizes everything, he is interested in everything. We promise we will not cry till he leaves and we now call him a man ever since he graduated. We talk about being just the two of us and at first this kind of scared me. What the heck was I suppose to do? I have come to live for dirty clothes and dishes, running everybody everywhere,and being so rushed each day, but somehow pulling it together at the end of the day. But who cares about this now??!! What we are so excited about is making our children proud of us! Starting with us as a couple. Very strong in our love,marriage,and future and adding to our talents and changing who we are,too. So there have been some sleepless nights and long days and many many conversations on us breaking out of the rut of get up,coffee,devotions,work,supper,movie,sleep,start over again. Now the pressure is on! We have only 27 days left to really encourage each other to step out of our comfort zone and start writing, reading more, and beginning new businesses together and separately. Our big goal is to provide land for our children, become full-time RV travelers, and have a way to be together 24/7. Forever.

79 Days

The blogging may not be continual on paper, or rather on the computer,  from day to day.

But my mind has not stopped writing.

It has not stopped observing our son.

My mind is trying to remember every thing he has done. What he does now.  

My heart is gathering his laughs, and smiles, and loving hugs and pats on the back.  The expression in his eyes when he talks.

It is holding on to all the waves he still gives when he sees me.

My mind has recorded his step  from childhood to adulthood.

My mind has been collecting memories.  My heart has been storing love.