First Time to Hug a Marine

Just a short amount of days and my husband and I will be spending Family Day with our son. This will be the very first time for me to hug a Marine. Our Marine. Your Marine. 

 Encouragement, prayers, and many letters have traveled the distance back and forth, from him to us. He writes with pride, strength, and determination in himself. He says he is hungry and tired, with blisters on his feet, healed from bronchitis and pneumonia, coming through Basic Warrior Training, and heading in to the Crucible. He ends his letters with a promise that he is always praying for each one of us.

A small stapled packet of numbers lay on our desk and I received great satisfaction today as I ripped off another day till I see him. Soon our candle will be lit, and our porch light burning!

Our letters have been filled with bible verses, how proud we are of him, and what we are doing each day. I end each letter telling him, “You are strong. You are smart. You are determined. You are on the path you chose. You are following the direction the Lord lead you on.”

Soon he will be standing with his brothers, tears streaming down their faces……Soon they will be protecting us. Soon we will be hugging a Marine. 

Our prayers have been going strong and they will continue on for each and every one of them forever. As he would say, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND…………..

jennifer and alex

68 Days Go Alexander!

Getting armed with notebooks, pens, calendars, menu’s, decorating ideas, and other blogs here on WordPress.

I have started a board on Pinterest  labeled Marines The Few The Proud.  I love that people share their ideas for letters and gift boxes and encouragement all around the world on Pinterest and other sites.  Go ahead and check out my Pinterest and my FacebookJennifer New 

Gary found a very wonderful, helpful, informative site  I can not wait to have some alone time  to learn from this dear lady that worked so hard to inform us parents about graduation day at Parris Island.  The notebooks and calendars are so I can write everything down that is starting to swirl through my head during the day and while I sleep.

Many prayers being sent up, but much more blessings being sent down.

Jennifer love and happiness

I have 69 days left

She knelt down so that she was eye level with her son.

She looked into his big sweet brown eyes and her heart was filled with so much love.

Many emotions swept through her body and tears sprung up so quickly that she had to hurry and smile and think about what she was about to say to him.

She reached out and gently grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to her.

He looked into her eyes and she saw him begin to worry. So she began.

Son, you have to do this. You have so much you have to do. You have to start at the beginning and not stop.  No looking around.  No turning back. Once you start, remember, you must finish.

When you get scared, and want to turn around, look straight ahead and see me there. I am on my knees praying. I am standing up and cheering. I am smiling and encouraging. I am yelling out at the very top of my voice COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT!

79 Days

The blogging may not be continual on paper, or rather on the computer,  from day to day.

But my mind has not stopped writing.

It has not stopped observing our son.

My mind is trying to remember every thing he has done. What he does now.  

My heart is gathering his laughs, and smiles, and loving hugs and pats on the back.  The expression in his eyes when he talks.

It is holding on to all the waves he still gives when he sees me.

My mind has recorded his step  from childhood to adulthood.

My mind has been collecting memories.  My heart has been storing love.

88 Days

The 89 day and the 88 day were a huge success. Not because anything outlandish happened, but because I stopped and looked at my son and again, I said, “He will be alright and I know that in my heart and I am so happy for him.” I mean, how amazing that he is starting this awesome adventurous life! A Marine!  Not without us, because he has always been in our heart, but away from us as it should be.  We will see him GROW physically and mentally. Stronger every day in so many different ways. Ways that we may never know about and ways that he doesn’t understand yet. I am, WE are so proud of him! So proud of those that dedicate their lives to protect us. So I began a Pinterest board on the Marines. I decided to read and become more educated in what all they do. How hard they work. How disciplined they are. So began much more positive thoughts as I had something to hold on to in my heart. As I was working through all of this, a text arrives from my encouraging Gary showing that we are in sync. He sends “I Love You and are so Proud of You Baby” right when I am typing “I luv u Teddy Bear and am so very proud of U!!!”  I drove home. Picked up my daughter and grandbabies and took her to work. I listened to her two children laugh and sing as we pulled away from her place of work. I realized they loved me and felt safe with me and I wanted them to have the best 35 days still living with us. I did the norm. Walmart, library, lunch at the table, post-office, and the park. We laughed and sang our family song from of all shows-Barney. I love you, You love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me to. Then like with our kids when they were young, we clapped and cheered! So as I drink tequila tonight and ate ice cream with peanut butter and lay on Gary’s chest and watch Julie and Julia for the 6th time, I think of the 87 day and SMILE! Everything will be okay!   Jennifer

Yes my love, because you will always be the butter to my bread, the breath of my life. Gary

89 Days

After July 7, 2014 I will be more alone than I have ever been in my entire life. June 1 of this year is the date given to my parents and my daughter and her two children to move into their own places. This will give Gary and I, 36 days alone with our son until he leaves for the Marines.

Gary and I will be the only ones in a rented two-story 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home. We will move. We need to get rid of,  pass on,  sell or trash a lot. I can not stand to think of Gary hauling my things and trying to stuff them into a little place.

We talked about what all we will do. How we will fill up the days working, the nights and weekends cooking together,or trying out a new place to get a drink or appetizer.  Whatever! I know at first I will be a crying mess and he will be my consoler. Sometimes, I wish he cried and I was the comforter. Ha!

Yes, of course, there is a whole exciting list on the computer for us to have fun with.  Jumping out of an airplane, hang gliding, bee-keeping, same-room sex, (we have only been with each other since we got married,but all the young people seem to be doing outlandish sexual acts so this went on the list-probably not considered wild at all), taking time off from work to travel and blog about our experiences, and other things that I can not remember because I am crying or feeling sick to my stomach or all at the same time. 

Is there a vitamin for PLEASE DON”T SEE ME CRY MY HOUSE IS GOING TO BE EMPTY?   ?????????

(Just got a text from Gary that he emailed a new list)

Well.  He is amazing! He made frugal living and the sustainable home sound fun together. I am so proud of him.  Basically, don’t have a luxury until we get our farm, but still enjoy dates and working hard together and making the two of us closer than ever. 


So off my poor me pity pot. Shoving some sunshine up my ass. Day 89!  I will see what I accomplish today!