Our Recruits Letter

Our first letter from our son, we received yesterday. After finding it in the mailbox, I pressed it to my heart, smiling. I had to go to work, but I sat in my vehicle and called my best friend first. My husband. He let out a loud Woo-Hoo sound! Filling his office and my ear. 

Our son left October 27 for Marine Boot Camp in Parris Island, SC.

I opened the letter and began to read to my husband. I noticed that he had take time to reassure us first of all that even though we miss him, not to worry, he is fine. First letter, first line filled my heart with pride. 

He listed several things he was enjoying:Sleep-Food-The Progression of his Platoon-Making New Brothers-Sleeping in a Bunk Bed-Going to Church-God

There was more and even a few funny lines! But one that made us laugh and cry at the same time was him wanting us to write back telling him all the fun times we were having and how much we loved and missed him! 

I am a proud Momma of a Recruit!

Farm Search

First day out dream building! We are searching for OUR land. Land here in Tennessee where our children raise our grandchildren. A farm house we update and preserve, land we learn how to raise animals on, and a huge garden we plant. Encouraging our parents and children to live on our land. Where we laugh, growing older together, traveling, blogging, loving our blessed life!


Slow Down

Not going to try to rhyme or come up with a lot of words, just gonna be blunt. That is really how I am.  Slow down. Stop trying to rush each day, moment, sex, conversations, time with those you love and care for, and those you walk past. Look at the ground, the sky, your surroundings, people around you. Slow down to appreciate being out, breathing, walking, living. Living. Alive. Live and be alive. Smile. Look people in the eyes. Listen to them. See them. Touch them. Hear their pain and their joy. Touch their arm, shoulder, hug them. Stop rushing through the week. Slow down with friendships as they can easily come, but just as easily go. Enjoy hearing laughter, smelling good food, seeing someone smile, tasting someone’s kiss, feeling someone’s hand in yours, and on and on our list can go if we can just slow down.

A Special Recipe

Take a lot of Kindness and a twinkle from your eye, Use plenty of Give and Take with more of a will to Try.

A thimble full of Humor, now and then a pinch of Wit, and a compliment that is Honest Never,never forget it.

With a pat upon the shoulder and a joke or two, and laugh, Oh, do not forget the kisses ‘Bout a million and a half.

Mix them thoroughly with a Hug. Then add more Give and Take, put all this in a mixing bowl, be sure to stir and shake.

Perhaps a little seasoning, like Smiles and salty Tears, an ounce of Silver and Gold or more to care for those later years.

Yes, you should add some Spice of Life before putting it in to bake, also a lot of Patience and Trust, with a little more Give and Take,

Serve it with God’s Blessing that comes only from God above don’t know what you’ll call it but I call it “LOVE.”  

Who wrote this poem? 

3 Bright Stars Tonight

Today began at 4:15. Gary went for his morning jog down a Spooky Dark country road. Not included. Fear of being eaten by coyotes. But I did agree to go tonight just because he asked if I would like to see the night sky. And I feel like I practically jumped on the chance to go out in the Wild Scary night just to see if we can spot Orion’s Belt. Why did I agree so quickly when we can safely walk at the community center or Charlie Daniel’s Park when we go to Mt. Juliet. I can see 3 bright stars when we drive home. There are plenty of little side roads to pull off on and stand and stare at a whole big sky full of beautiful brightness. I agreed because he always wants me to experience everything with him. How wonderful, loving and special. I am married and we still, after so many years, want to do everything together. So. I hope to walk Bravely and Romantically. Look up and see stars tonight with the love of my life.

Staying Connected

The life I have, and have had, is just beautiful. I have always loved being a momma, wife, daughter, and friend. I am so thankful. I have noticed there are stages, as a family, we have to climb up and get through to graduate to the next. Sometimes, I slow down, fall, or stop, but never quit and don’t plan to. Each day of my life, since I have had our first child, has been very full of love, bills, work, stress, tears, fun & laughter. We added prayer to our to-do list and gave all our worries each morning, at supper, and at bedtime to the Lord. Our life together, as a big family, has been very rich.

As we dwindled down to two, I felt empty, and then lost. Empty, because I loved hearing their voices and laughter in the house, and lost, because I would not have them around to mommy them. School schedules, swimming, sports, doctor appointments, working, rushing to the store, making homemade meals each night, prayer and bedtime. Then doing it all over again, and again. I went over being a mother and felt like I had tried so hard to be the very best. I loved each one of our children so much and the same. I never had a favorite child. I loved how they were each different. If I went back in time, I would add in more cooking with them, teaching them further than the basic recipes. I would play more classical music and insist they each learn notes and try their hand at a musical instrument. I would have longer, daily reading time. (WHERE I could see them and WHAT they were reading). LOL I would provide more and better materials for writing, and their artwork. We would find something new to learn every single day. I would stop everything and play more.

I have always told each one of them how proud I am of them. So, as my time having each one in our home, has ended, I tried to think of a way to stay connected. I pray daily for each one, and their new young families. I still encourage them and tell them I love them and that I am proud of them. I listen to each new plan they have and smile as much as possible. (Even if I begin to worry about this new direction they are headed). I exercise more and eat better so I can hopefully be healthier for them when I am older. I try to stay up on new technology, songs, books, and movies. But I still might be considered a dinosaur!  I love them so much and I keep them in my prayers. I picture the future, the up’s and down’s, and I try to stay strong. Trying to stay strong, keeping the path open, if they need me. Standing here,trying to stay connected.

Their Poisoned Flower

There once was a young girl that blossomed to be a beautiful flower. Her parents loved her and watched her grow to be a lovely young lady. Her smile was like sunshine. Her limbs were graceful and danced like the wind through a willow. When she was near, not only did her words touch their heart, but her eyes invited them to look deep into her soul. There she would pull them near and wrap them close with her love. There they would stay through the day.

She began to take walks, just to have her own time to be away. She mingled with some close friends, and they began to help lead her astray. They introduced her to a young man that had grown to be a weed. Poisoning every part of their promising flower. He pushed the evil drink to her full lips. He encouraged her fun times if she would just swallow what was in his hand. He even went so far as to get her to poison herself with the needle he placed in her hand.

Then one day, the flower and the weed went to far. They hovered above their broken bodies and looked at their soiled life. They were trampled, and mangled and cried out for some one to please help. The same time they were crying, the flower’s parents were kneeling. Praying for help. Praying for angels to appear. Angels to guide their souls back to their bodies. To heal them and protect them. To bring them back home. There they would wrap them in mercy and give them hope.

That night a prayer was answered.  Medicine poured over and through, like rain, healing their insides, and encouragement, like sunshine, helped them continue to grow. Now when people look, they see these two. Two young happy people. New parents. Living free.