Impressed with Planet Fitness


Whoo Hoo! We are now brand new members at our local Mt. Juliet Planet Fitness!! This location is new to the area and recently built by my husbands company he works for.

There were so many impressive qualities. First, no making fun of anyone. “Judgment Free Zone”! The staff were very impressive, greeting us with smiles and welcome to Planet Fitness.

We began with a tour. Oh, what fun!!! Beautiful machines, all shiny and lined up neatly with a television and access to plug in to the stations on each machine. Treadmills, different step machines that I did not know existed, weight machines and workout stations that count down when it is time to move to the next machine. Plus, and I was happy to find out, I could sign up and meet a fitness trainer. I hope to list the target areas I feel I need to work on and receive goals from her to work towards.

Finally, the very exciting and relaxing area located in another area of Planet Fitness. I can feel the goosebumps……the glorious massage and tanning machines! The place I feel my husband and I have definitely earned. We have talked about this area with a dreamy look in our eyes. ;-)

Our goal-work out as many times as possible for the next 13 weeks till we see our son graduate and become a Marine! And encourage him and each other with hope for a bright healthy future, loving and pushing ourselves to a healthier, stronger level, and showing our commitment to him by trying so hard to better ourselves not only physically, but mentally.


I miss our son

Our son just left for basic training for the Marines. And yes, I really miss him. But I am so proud of him. The emotions that my husband and I experienced the first night were exhausting. I will admit we cried quite a bit. We were either crying together or taking turns. We finally decided to go to bed and try to watch a comedy because we were all stuffed up, tired, and wide awake all at the same time.

We wanted to get his phone call that he had arrived and let it go to voicemail so we could listen to it later. This did not go as planned. I had fallen asleep and was disoreinted when the phone rang. My heart was pounding and I was saying “Answer the phone! They are calling about our son. We ended up answering his call and he did great, loud and clear his voice came through!

The next morning we had decided would be much better emotionally than the night before. We were happy to talk about picturing how his first night went. The footprints he stood on. The haircut. The drill sergeants. Staying up all night and the next day. Then finally laying down and being able to get some rest. We talked about the letters of encouragement we would continually send with love and prayers included in them.

Then we slipped back into how much we miss him, but just as quickly how proud of him we are. How he made the decision in ninth grade that he wanted to be a Marine. How he is becoming a man and making very good choices in life for his future.

Then we talked about how thirteen weeks is a long time, so we better make some good changes in our lives also. That when we cried the night before we were just being selfish. We were feeling sorry for ourselves. Not that this was wrong, but we decided if we feel down or want to cry, instead we will pray that much harder for him and all the other young people there.

The Strength of prayer

The strength of our young man.

No looking back to give a final wave,

Just a slight turn of the eyes.

Walking purposely.

Bravely moving forward.

Walking through the open doors.

Open World.

Showing STRENGTH purposely through silent prayer,

No final phone call.

Thirteen weeks moving in to manhood.

Knowing We Are In Prayer.

Bravely moving in to Strength through those who became powerful before him.

Thank you for them!

Young Man Being Lead,

In To The Marines.

Strength of his and our prayers.

Family strengthened through prayer.

Remembering he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength!



Enjoying a season of change

Fall is in full bloom, with the changing of the colors and the onset of cooler temperatures.  This past weekend was a magnificent example of this with God’s beautiful artwork on display as we traveled up to southern Indiana to visit with both of our families. Originally planned as a trip to help my mother winterize her home and enjoy visiting, our trip was updated to allow everyone have a chance to meet and encourage our son before he heads off to Marine basic training.

granny pappy

Saturday morning was filled with delicious foods, courtesy of Bob Evans on the south side of Indianapolis, with my wonderful mother and father in law. Watching their joy and pride in Alex as they shared conversation with him about times past, memories of his childhood, and things to come was so warm on such a cool day outside.  Minutes turned to hours, as they often do when you are enjoying yourself. Before long we were embracing each other and saying our goodbyes. The smile on our son’s face could not have been changed.  The happiness he felt was obvious without words. Our time together filled his heart with encouragement and faith in his abilities.  Our son was blessed with all that we we had hoped for, and as usual, so much more.

Saturday abloomsfternoon was filled with outdoor chores.  Sounds much more difficult when I say it that way.  Considering we were working together outside in a comfortable setting, the simple manual tasks actually were completed with a minor amount of effort and quite a bit of fooling around.  Happens quite a bit when you are working with me. Late afternoon led into early evening and my mother’s cooking efforts in the kitchen preparing a special meal were starting to permeate the house.  My brother,  his better half Linda and his son Craig came over and we all enjoyed another wonderful home cooked meal. As usual there was lots of fun conversations and teasing, with no individual being spared. My brother Mark is a Navy veteran, we are very proud of his service, and were blessed at having the chance for our son to enjoy time with him. Our son was again filled with certainty of his decision, and of his capability to succeed. I am not certain, but it appeared his chest may have even grown over the length of the day.

mom and alex

Evening soon came, and then morning and unfortunately time for us to depart back towards home. Seems to come quicker each time. My mother showered our son with so much love and special treatment this weekend, we had a real tough time getting away. She also provided him was uplifting and encouraging words and efforts, that made our hearts swell.

You see, this season for our family is really on of changing.  We are counting down the days before departure to basic training. It is single digits. So blessed to have been able to provide Alex with the time and encouragement from all of his family. So thankful for their faith in him.  So thankful for their kind words.  So thankful for their love for him. These are things we all share in a huge way.

Just like nature outside is in the middle of a beautiful change, so is our son, and so are we. Isn’t it truly beautiful!




Ready for him to leave, but not as ready as I thought…

Our son has been preparing for his Marine basic training for over a year. Well, that is not completely true. He has been preparing for this departure since his freshman year of high school ROTC. His ship date for basic has always been far off.  It seemed far off. Not that it was necessarily set in stone, but far off enough that I was comfortable. Comfortable that I would eventually be able to deal with him leaving home.  Always I have been so proud of his choice. Why I did not carry through with my chance to join the Air Force when I came out of Purdue I will never fully understand. I tell you that I know he has made the right choice. In his heart and soul he has been a Marine since he started. He entertained the idea of possibly the Army at one time, but it was brief. He has overcome.  He has persevered.  He is my Marine.

All of this to say that when his recruiting Sargent called today to tell him his ship date was moved up to the very near future, I realized I am not ready. He is going to be an excellent soldier.  He is committed and disciplined.  He wants to serve and to make us proud. He has worked very very hard to be where he is at this time. He has always been in God’s tender arms and I know that God will continue to look over my Christian soldier.  The reason I am struggling is that I understand that I will not be able to walk down the hall to give him a hug. To stop into his room to see the newest Minecraft or Destiny story line. Not able to take him for a ride into town on a whim and grab some food or treat. You see I am feeling selfish and not ready to let him go.

I am going to miss my son.  So proud am I. So blessed am i.  So sad to know this first phase of his life is coming to an abrupt end.  I love him.  I am proud of him.  He is my strong soldier.  I must be his strong father. Alex thank you for all the wonderful memories. We will have a lifetime of many more to come, but it is time for your Dad to accept and be happy. God grant me the strength. – G


Our Hero’s, Young and Old

 We lose, but look back and see we won.

We take it to heart, that they did not run.

We fight for what has always been right, to find out no one remembers the fights that were fought to give us these rights.

We stand up for what we believe in, to find no one stands behind them.

We see hopes and dreams become cries and screams.

We say a prayer, and watch it travel in the air from here to there.

We know there is hope, love, and sorrow.

We watch them so tall, not ever wanting to see them fall.

They are our children and their children. Our sons. Our daughters.

We cry, we weep, we pray a lot longer.

Along come more that head out the door.

They are strong and young and brave,

As we have raised them,

With love for their country.

Being All That They Can Be. Army.

The Few The Proud. Marines.

Honor Courage Commitment. Navy

Aim High…Fly/Fight/Win. Air Force

Semper Paratus. Coast Guard

Standing strong for those that have come and gone.

Our Hero’s, young and old,

We thank you.


Play Hard Eat Good Drive Fast!

My husband’s work rented out Music City Indoor Karting last Friday night, October 3,2014.  Located downtown Nashville in a renovated warehouse. You can reach speeds of 45 mph and each race is 7 minutes long!

Dress was casual, but I did my makeup and chose jeans, tank, belt,and long sleeved shirt left unbuttoned. You have to wear closed toe shoes, so I wore sporty New Balance shoes. My husband was coming from work, so he was dressed up. I brought him a polo shirt to change in to.

When we walked in, the sign read closed from 5-8 for private party. That was us!!!!! We were pretty excited and a little nervous. We have been go- karting before plenty of times, but never on a test track.  We had to sign a waiver stating we would not hold them liable if we got hurt. My little heart was beating a bit fast, I admit. I know me. I know  I like to push the pedal down and not look back. This certainly did not mean I won a race against others, but I loved the thrill and started laughing and my husband and I chased each other around the track.

After we signed the waiver, an instructor gave us a brief safety lesson. One was- This is not bumper cars. No bumping of another car. Then we were given a head sock and grabbed a helmet,assigned a car, strapped ourselves in, and sat for a minute till they motioned us forward.

Zooming around, and weaving through the track, was exhilarating and relaxing somehow. I felt somewhat free and thought why? Because I was Playing!

I know we raced more than 4 times and our arms were getting sore and our throats were dry. Each time we could go to the front desk and tell the helpful, sweet staff that we wanted to race again and then we got our printout of our scores.

After playing hard and racing fast, we went to sit down and eat. And did we eat good! The food was catered by Martini’s BBQ. Oh my gosh! It was so very tasty and I was so starving!! I loved the baked beans, potato salad, and the prime rib. I want to go there for a date and get pictures of my plate!

When the night was calming down, and we were tired, and wound up, and full, all at the same time, we decided to start home. Before we left, we sincerely thanked my husband boss and his sons for such a wonderful evening.

As we drove, we made plans to take our son to race. We started planning and mentally going through our calendar of time left before he leaves for Parris Island for the Marines on December 15, 2014. Let him get in some races with his Dad! I will take the pictures and preserve some memories.