Book Review, Suspect

Written by Robert Crais, but completely wrapped in newspaper, I still chose the book, Suspect. I placed it, still wrapped, on the seat beside me as I drove home. I have been choosing Rate My Date books from our local library since the 2nd week in February.

When I tore off the wrapping, my heart was excited to see one of my favorite dogs on the front cover, a german shepherd. I started reading the prologue, The Green Ball. I was pulled in right away because the subjects were Marines, both Pete and his dog, Maggie.

Their strength, tragic loss, love, fierce determination, and dedication were so powerful that I was crying before I began the first chapter. I am heading in to chapter 7 and if I did not have to make dinner for my family, I would put on my jammies and read all night.

Blessings Surrounding Him

All around our son and his recruit brothers and sisters, are blessings! They have been wrapped continually in prayer since they began the Crucible Monday morning at 2 in the a.m. They are battling cold, wet weather. Barely eating. Barely sleeping. These young men and women have dedicated their lives to protect us! Stop and say a prayer for them. Now. Reread what I just said. They are battling to become Marines to protect people they have never met. They are beyond amazing and they deserve our utmost respect, support, and prayer.

What I believe is wonderful, is most of us have been taught to always pray for those who have been battling for us. Let’s continue to pray always, write letters of encouragement, and if not already doing this, walk up to someone in uniform and truly thank them for their dedication to their country.

Our son and his recruit brothers and sister have this! And each and every one after, too! Semper Fi!

First Time to Hug a Marine

Just a short amount of days and my husband and I will be spending Family Day with our son. This will be the very first time for me to hug a Marine. Our Marine. Your Marine. 

 Encouragement, prayers, and many letters have traveled the distance back and forth, from him to us. He writes with pride, strength, and determination in himself. He says he is hungry and tired, with blisters on his feet, healed from bronchitis and pneumonia, coming through Basic Warrior Training, and heading in to the Crucible. He ends his letters with a promise that he is always praying for each one of us.

A small stapled packet of numbers lay on our desk and I received great satisfaction today as I ripped off another day till I see him. Soon our candle will be lit, and our porch light burning!

Our letters have been filled with bible verses, how proud we are of him, and what we are doing each day. I end each letter telling him, “You are strong. You are smart. You are determined. You are on the path you chose. You are following the direction the Lord lead you on.”

Soon he will be standing with his brothers, tears streaming down their faces……Soon they will be protecting us. Soon we will be hugging a Marine. 

Our prayers have been going strong and they will continue on for each and every one of them forever. As he would say, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND…………..

Getting Fit

My husband and I made not only a promise to each other to work out while our son is becoming a Marine, but we also made a promise to our son to work out hard for him each day.

I sent him a letter explaining that we had a year membership at Planet Fitness which I believe I wrote about earlier. Gary and I struggled at first to figure out our best time to go. 

I fought him on trying to be there and ready to work out a little bit before 5 in the a.m. I was a definite grumpy bear at first when he mentioned it. But to be honest, once we started going at that early time, I found I was happiest!

We us the treadmill. We work out in the 12 minute ab area (I LOVE THIS AREA!)  Then we ride bikes,then lift arm and leg weights. 

To pamper ourselves, we finish with a hydro massage and a tan! We switch off on these last two every other day. I really relax on the hydro massage table and I turn the pressure all the way UP. I could easily fall asleep there and stay for awhile :) 

Then we finish off with a nice warm shower, wave good-bye to the friendly staff and head our separate ways to work! 

Our goal? To push ourselves harder and harder each time. But really we want our son to see an improvement in us and be proud that we worked hard while he was. Becoming a Marine is by far the hardest and we are so proud of his commitment and determination! Go us! Go Alexander!!

Our Recruits Letter

Our first letter from our son, we received yesterday. After finding it in the mailbox, I pressed it to my heart, smiling. I had to go to work, but I sat in my vehicle and called my best friend first. My husband. He let out a loud Woo-Hoo sound! Filling his office and my ear. 

Our son left October 27 for Marine Boot Camp in Parris Island, SC.

I opened the letter and began to read to my husband. I noticed that he had take time to reassure us first of all that even though we miss him, not to worry, he is fine. First letter, first line filled my heart with pride. 

He listed several things he was enjoying:Sleep-Food-The Progression of his Platoon-Making New Brothers-Sleeping in a Bunk Bed-Going to Church-God

There was more and even a few funny lines! But one that made us laugh and cry at the same time was him wanting us to write back telling him all the fun times we were having and how much we loved and missed him! 

I am a proud Momma of a Recruit!

Impressed with Planet Fitness


Whoo Hoo! We are now brand new members at our local Mt. Juliet Planet Fitness!! This location is new to the area and recently built by my husbands company he works for.

There were so many impressive qualities. First, no making fun of anyone. “Judgment Free Zone”! The staff were very impressive, greeting us with smiles and welcome to Planet Fitness.

We began with a tour. Oh, what fun!!! Beautiful machines, all shiny and lined up neatly with a television and access to plug in to the stations on each machine. Treadmills, different step machines that I did not know existed, weight machines and workout stations that count down when it is time to move to the next machine. Plus, and I was happy to find out, I could sign up and meet a fitness trainer. I hope to list the target areas I feel I need to work on and receive goals from her to work towards.

Finally, the very exciting and relaxing area located in another area of Planet Fitness. I can feel the goosebumps……the glorious massage and tanning machines! The place I feel my husband and I have definitely earned. We have talked about this area with a dreamy look in our eyes. ;-)

Our goal-work out as many times as possible for the next 13 weeks till we see our son graduate and become a Marine! And encourage him and each other with hope for a bright healthy future, loving and pushing ourselves to a healthier, stronger level, and showing our commitment to him by trying so hard to better ourselves not only physically, but mentally.


I miss our son

Our son just left for basic training for the Marines. And yes, I really miss him. But I am so proud of him. The emotions that my husband and I experienced the first night were exhausting. I will admit we cried quite a bit. We were either crying together or taking turns. We finally decided to go to bed and try to watch a comedy because we were all stuffed up, tired, and wide awake all at the same time.

We wanted to get his phone call that he had arrived and let it go to voicemail so we could listen to it later. This did not go as planned. I had fallen asleep and was disoreinted when the phone rang. My heart was pounding and I was saying “Answer the phone! They are calling about our son. We ended up answering his call and he did great, loud and clear his voice came through!

The next morning we had decided would be much better emotionally than the night before. We were happy to talk about picturing how his first night went. The footprints he stood on. The haircut. The drill sergeants. Staying up all night and the next day. Then finally laying down and being able to get some rest. We talked about the letters of encouragement we would continually send with love and prayers included in them.

Then we slipped back into how much we miss him, but just as quickly how proud of him we are. How he made the decision in ninth grade that he wanted to be a Marine. How he is becoming a man and making very good choices in life for his future.

Then we talked about how thirteen weeks is a long time, so we better make some good changes in our lives also. That when we cried the night before we were just being selfish. We were feeling sorry for ourselves. Not that this was wrong, but we decided if we feel down or want to cry, instead we will pray that much harder for him and all the other young people there.