27 Days

I could try to be more creative on the title of my blogs, but it is just what it is. Our son leaves for Parris Island in 27 days and our family and friends could not be more supportive. We have been to Disney World twice since my last blog, had his graduation from high school, and went a few times to visit his Grandma and uncle in Indiana. We tried running with him and I ended up injured and looked like Tim Conway playing the part of the little old man that shuffles around on the Carol Burnett show. We still walk with him and I will get back in to running. We play the Harry Potter Clue game and watch the Clue movie which is a long-standing family tradition,we listen to and watch him play all his different video games, go to the movies and pig out on popcorn,and look at old family photos and smile remembering the great times we have had. I eagerly wait for him to share the latest Robot Chickens he has watched. I laugh harder when he tells about them, rather than actually watching one. We listen to him repeat every documentary word for word and I know he must be some kind of genius. He memorizes everything, he is interested in everything. We promise we will not cry till he leaves and we now call him a man ever since he graduated. We talk about being just the two of us and at first this kind of scared me. What the heck was I suppose to do? I have come to live for dirty clothes and dishes, running everybody everywhere,and being so rushed each day, but somehow pulling it together at the end of the day. But who cares about this now??!! What we are so excited about is making our children proud of us! Starting with us as a couple. Very strong in our love,marriage,and future and adding to our talents and changing who we are,too. So there have been some sleepless nights and long days and many many conversations on us breaking out of the rut of get up,coffee,devotions,work,supper,movie,sleep,start over again. Now the pressure is on! We have only 27 days left to really encourage each other to step out of our comfort zone and start writing, reading more, and beginning new businesses together and separately. Our big goal is to provide land for our children, become full-time RV travelers, and have a way to be together 24/7. Forever.

jennifer and alex

68 Days Go Alexander!

Getting armed with notebooks, pens, calendars, menu’s, decorating ideas, and other blogs here on WordPress.

I have started a board on Pinterest  labeled Marines The Few The Proud.  I love that people share their ideas for letters and gift boxes and encouragement all around the world on Pinterest and other sites.  Go ahead and check out my Pinterest and my FacebookJennifer New 

Gary found a very wonderful, helpful, informative site usmcgradparrisisland.org.  I can not wait to have some alone time  to learn from this dear lady that worked so hard to inform us parents about graduation day at Parris Island.  The notebooks and calendars are so I can write everything down that is starting to swirl through my head during the day and while I sleep.

Many prayers being sent up, but much more blessings being sent down.

Jennifer love and happiness

75 Days

Dear Alexander,

We are so proud of you. Dad and I love you so much and have always prayed for, and protected you. We prayed for the very best in life for you. We believe there is a path for each one of us. We believe we are to step out  and follow that path. We have seen you take those first steps to becoming a Marine. You have grown stronger both physically and mentally. You are looking forward and you will only look back to see us cheering you on, encouraging you to grow, mature, and become a man. We do not worry because now you pray for us  and you will be the one protecting us, others around you, and your country.  You may never read this because you do not know I started an actual blogging countdown, but here I am with 75 days left and I can not be more proud of you. I love you my smart, handsome, young man that the Lord blessed us with. Momma

77 Days

77 days and all is well. There is a blanket of contentment covering me. I am breathing in and the air is coming out without a thought. Our Easter weekend was true family time. Saturday was Outback and a couple of foster’s with Gary.  Then the rest of the day was spent hanging out with the kids and yard work and grocery shopping for our cookout the next day. We stayed up late,till the next day, with Alex and our daughter, Kelsey. Easter day was just beautiful. Our home was loud with laughter and picture taking. I stood in the kitchen and watched my son sit on the couch, making jokes and ripping into a bag of reese’s pieces. Then that night we had on the Disney movie Frozen. It was just Gary,our granddaughter, and myself. Then wonderfully,Kelsey came in and then Alexander was there and we hung out again. Talking,laughing. This is where the contentment started and the easy breathing began. Each day until Alexander leaves for the Marines in Parris Island is rapidly going by, and we are spending them all happily together.

89 Days

After July 7, 2014 I will be more alone than I have ever been in my entire life. June 1 of this year is the date given to my parents and my daughter and her two children to move into their own places. This will give Gary and I, 36 days alone with our son until he leaves for the Marines.

Gary and I will be the only ones in a rented two-story 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home. We will move. We need to get rid of,  pass on,  sell or trash a lot. I can not stand to think of Gary hauling my things and trying to stuff them into a little place.

We talked about what all we will do. How we will fill up the days working, the nights and weekends cooking together,or trying out a new place to get a drink or appetizer.  Whatever! I know at first I will be a crying mess and he will be my consoler. Sometimes, I wish he cried and I was the comforter. Ha!

Yes, of course, there is a whole exciting list on the computer for us to have fun with.  Jumping out of an airplane, hang gliding, bee-keeping, same-room sex, (we have only been with each other since we got married,but all the young people seem to be doing outlandish sexual acts so this went on the list-probably not considered wild at all), taking time off from work to travel and blog about our experiences, and other things that I can not remember because I am crying or feeling sick to my stomach or all at the same time. 

Is there a vitamin for PLEASE DON”T SEE ME CRY MY HOUSE IS GOING TO BE EMPTY?   ?????????

(Just got a text from Gary that he emailed a new list)

Well.  He is amazing! He made frugal living and the sustainable home sound fun together. I am so proud of him.  Basically, don’t have a luxury until we get our farm, but still enjoy dates and working hard together and making the two of us closer than ever. 


So off my poor me pity pot. Shoving some sunshine up my ass. Day 89!  I will see what I accomplish today!

So Blessed

I had to write this before I could breathe normal and let down for the evening.

I have received some special blessings today. My husband and I woke up fifteen minutes late, but we:

#1 Drank COFFEE

#2 Had Devotions and got on our knees and prayed for our whole family

#3 We made a deal to read through the Bible together in a year (something I have never attempted)

#4 Then still had time to have more coffee and hang out talking and smiling and laughing

#5 We hugged and reminded each other the weekend was almost here!

So, two seconds went by and he called me and said he missed me. I smiled and laughed and felt so blessed to have him in my life, missing me before he even left the driveway. I took my son to school and went home to fold clothes. I folded a pair of his blue jeans and a little tiny Purdue sweatshirt he wore when he was not even a year old. I had found it with his old yearbooks and washed it. I will put it in the big, blue tote my husband and I started for him. He will be leaving for the Marines July 7. He will get to come home for a very short period. I believe it is less than ten days and then he is off to start his life. What a blessing to have this little brief time with him. His blue tote will hold his Christmas train from Disney World, his Christmas decorations we picked out for him each year, yearbooks,and his little tiny Purdue sweater.

Then I was off again to drive our youngest daughter to work and to watch her two year old and 10 month old for a few hours. Such a blessing to have time with our grandchildren! We have eight and one on the way and they adore us.

Blessed! As I was driving, I really wanted to be with my mom. So I asked her to lunch and we all ate hamburgers and fries. As we sat at Burger King, I listened to them talk and saw them smiling and I slowed down and saw this time as such a sweet little blessing. I told myself to do this a lot more often. Even if it was picnics at the park or just a drive looking for animals in the country. Time is what every one really wants from me. My time. What an honor and a blessing. Then I took my mom home and after she got out, she turned and smiled. This smile said thank you baby for spending time with me and wanting to be with me. This almost made me cry. Lately, I have wanted to read James Patterson books and wrap up in a blanket and be selfish. So glad I have not given in to this moment of “me time” very much this year.

Then the babies and I headed to the library to pick out books for them. Some Dora the Explorer, Toy Story 2, and Tinkerbell and as we sat there, I thought how blessed I was. Of course, we barely had begun on the baby books and my grandson began to fill his diaper and OH My Gosh did he stink up the area. We checked out our books and I knew I did not have any baby wipes. I knew because my daughter had told me if I got some she would pay me back. Well, I had put it off. It was time to pick her up from work but I had to make a fastly run into Walmart with two little one’s. As I raced through the store, I tried to think how this was a blessing. All I came up with as I got behind slow people, and crowds, was that we were blessed somehow to be right were the Lord wanted us to be.

Then I got my daughter and my son and came home and decided to actually take some me time. So I shut the door to our bedroom and watched the ending to a sad movie. The blessing to this was that as I watched it, I had painted my nails and began to cry a lot during the movie and really needed to blow my nose. Since I am not that coordinated, and knowing that I would get toilet paper all over my nails, I sat and sniffled. I loathe to hear sniffling. But it caused me to think of the movie and how this man had lost his wife and his son. I began again to think how I am so much blessed from above and that I do not ever want to not want to take time to talk or drive or eat or watch a movie or take to work or pick up from school or care for any of them. They were made just for me. They are so amazing. I love to hear them chatter in the other room or on the phone. I love to hear them laugh and I love to hear them say that they love each other. All of us, all nineteen and a half (one due in March)!!! of us,are so blessed to be so close. So blessed.

Thank you, Dear Lord. Thank you for this slow Friday night we will spend at home. Pigging out on leftovers and watching a mystery and talking and laughing. Thank you for the most important blessing. Family and time. I know it will end soon and they will be in their own little homes with their own little schedules,but thank you for these special little moments. My husband just called and said he was jamming out and had the top down on his Mustang, so I said “Come pick me up and let’s take a drive”. While we drove, the song he dedicated to me was playing. The one he always gets choked up on at the end. Smashing Pumpkins,Today. I love him and here’s another blessing. Time with my loving husband at the end of the week and the beginning of a blessed weekend.

We will end our night in prayer,holding hands.  I am so thankful for today’s blessings. Thank you, Jennifer (Sissy, Momma, Mamaw) This woman is so blessed.