Our Recruits Letter

Our first letter from our son, we received yesterday. After finding it in the mailbox, I pressed it to my heart, smiling. I had to go to work, but I sat in my vehicle and called my best friend first. My husband. He let out a loud Woo-Hoo sound! Filling his office and my ear. 

Our son left October 27 for Marine Boot Camp in Parris Island, SC.

I opened the letter and began to read to my husband. I noticed that he had take time to reassure us first of all that even though we miss him, not to worry, he is fine. First letter, first line filled my heart with pride. 

He listed several things he was enjoying:Sleep-Food-The Progression of his Platoon-Making New Brothers-Sleeping in a Bunk Bed-Going to Church-God

There was more and even a few funny lines! But one that made us laugh and cry at the same time was him wanting us to write back telling him all the fun times we were having and how much we loved and missed him! 

I am a proud Momma of a Recruit!

Play Hard Eat Good Drive Fast!

My husband’s work rented out Music City Indoor Karting last Friday night, October 3,2014.  Located downtown Nashville in a renovated warehouse. You can reach speeds of 45 mph and each race is 7 minutes long!

Dress was casual, but I did my makeup and chose jeans, tank, belt,and long sleeved shirt left unbuttoned. You have to wear closed toe shoes, so I wore sporty New Balance shoes. My husband was coming from work, so he was dressed up. I brought him a polo shirt to change in to.

When we walked in, the sign read closed from 5-8 for private party. That was us!!!!! We were pretty excited and a little nervous. We have been go- karting before plenty of times, but never on a test track.  We had to sign a waiver stating we would not hold them liable if we got hurt. My little heart was beating a bit fast, I admit. I know me. I know  I like to push the pedal down and not look back. This certainly did not mean I won a race against others, but I loved the thrill and started laughing and my husband and I chased each other around the track.

After we signed the waiver, an instructor gave us a brief safety lesson. One was- This is not bumper cars. No bumping of another car. Then we were given a head sock and grabbed a helmet,assigned a car, strapped ourselves in, and sat for a minute till they motioned us forward.

Zooming around, and weaving through the track, was exhilarating and relaxing somehow. I felt somewhat free and thought why? Because I was Playing!

I know we raced more than 4 times and our arms were getting sore and our throats were dry. Each time we could go to the front desk and tell the helpful, sweet staff that we wanted to race again and then we got our printout of our scores.

After playing hard and racing fast, we went to sit down and eat. And did we eat good! The food was catered by Martini’s BBQ. Oh my gosh! It was so very tasty and I was so starving!! I loved the baked beans, potato salad, and the prime rib. I want to go there for a date and get pictures of my plate!

When the night was calming down, and we were tired, and wound up, and full, all at the same time, we decided to start home. Before we left, we sincerely thanked my husband boss and his sons for such a wonderful evening.

As we drove, we made plans to take our son to race. We started planning and mentally going through our calendar of time left before he leaves for Parris Island for the Marines on December 15, 2014. Let him get in some races with his Dad! I will take the pictures and preserve some memories.

jennifer and alex

68 Days Go Alexander!

Getting armed with notebooks, pens, calendars, menu’s, decorating ideas, and other blogs here on WordPress.

I have started a board on Pinterest  labeled Marines The Few The Proud.  I love that people share their ideas for letters and gift boxes and encouragement all around the world on Pinterest and other sites.  Go ahead and check out my Pinterest and my FacebookJennifer New 

Gary found a very wonderful, helpful, informative site usmcgradparrisisland.org.  I can not wait to have some alone time  to learn from this dear lady that worked so hard to inform us parents about graduation day at Parris Island.  The notebooks and calendars are so I can write everything down that is starting to swirl through my head during the day and while I sleep.

Many prayers being sent up, but much more blessings being sent down.

Jennifer love and happiness

77 Days

77 days and all is well. There is a blanket of contentment covering me. I am breathing in and the air is coming out without a thought. Our Easter weekend was true family time. Saturday was Outback and a couple of foster’s with Gary.  Then the rest of the day was spent hanging out with the kids and yard work and grocery shopping for our cookout the next day. We stayed up late,till the next day, with Alex and our daughter, Kelsey. Easter day was just beautiful. Our home was loud with laughter and picture taking. I stood in the kitchen and watched my son sit on the couch, making jokes and ripping into a bag of reese’s pieces. Then that night we had on the Disney movie Frozen. It was just Gary,our granddaughter, and myself. Then wonderfully,Kelsey came in and then Alexander was there and we hung out again. Talking,laughing. This is where the contentment started and the easy breathing began. Each day until Alexander leaves for the Marines in Parris Island is rapidly going by, and we are spending them all happily together.