Arches in Design ~ Architecture in NYC

A pictorial review of the use of arches in architectural design and construction in the Big Apple.  Don’t you love the variety throughout New York City?! See if you can locate all the areas where arches are incorporated in to the designs.  Check us out at and follow us on Pinterest.

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Christmas with lots of Gingerbread!

Christmas time is a truly magical time at Walt Disney World.  One of the holiday season traditions that few know about is how the two resorts located on the Seven Seas Lagoon create larger than life gingerbread displays for your senses to enjoy.  I say your senses because from the moment you enter the resort,… Continue reading Christmas with lots of Gingerbread!


Wonderful delights await you in Chicago’s Chinatown

At the northeast junction of Interstates 90 and 55 in south Chicago you can find wonderful Chinese shopping for all kinds of clothing, jewelry, household furnishings, and yes incredible food! Chicago’s Chinatown  is centered around Cermak and Wentworth Avenues, and is home to the second oldest settlement of Chinese in the United States.  The 1800’s… Continue reading Wonderful delights await you in Chicago’s Chinatown

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Topical and inviting ~ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

As the winter months loom off in the near time frame, what better thoughts to share than those of a tropical paradise.  A place where there is a Polynesian theme, incredible lush plants and flowers, two heated luxury pools and sun deck areas, a volcano themed water slide, and the sound of tropical music filtering… Continue reading Topical and inviting ~ Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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When push comes to shove…

If they could have worked together. Ultimately, the stronger of the two seems to have won the battle of space. Pushing up and out, the rock destroyed the tree. Through all this war and strife, a safe haven from weather and enemy has been formed for a nearby ground hog.  Check us out at… Continue reading When push comes to shove…

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Staying active in the colder months

Make the best decision of this Christmas holiday season for you and your family by getting creative to stay active during these colder months.  Many of us find ourselves very active in the spring and summer months.  As the temperatures start to lower in the late Autumn, these opportunities may be more difficult to find.… Continue reading Staying active in the colder months