He is here right now!

  One of the most amazing creatures I have ever met?  He was short and kind, somewhere in his late 70’s to early 80’s and someone to whom my husband and I refer to as our  youngest daughter’s guardian angel.  We were hiking in a park in Indiana and she was in my arms,on my right hip. We had climbed the trail to a look-out point and we stopped to look over the side.  Our daughter,who was only a year old, decided to lunge forward and was out of my arms and over the side so suddenly. Then in a flash,she was back on my hip and in my arms. I was terrified,shocked,amazed, and thanking the Lord as I hugged her close. When I looked at my husband,  I knew he had seen the whole scene because his face looked like how I felt. We stood for a few moments and talked to this amazing being.  He mentioned our daughter,so we turned to loving look at her ,but when we looked back to him, he was gone. He had vanished! We like to tell this story ever so often and finish it off with this, so we pause, we smile, and say, there was no place to hide and the trail was long and clearly visible! So unless he jumped over the side, he was her angel and he had saved her life that day! He was dressed in dress pants, a sport coat and a fedora. My daughter just moved out last week, all of a sudden, because, she had a great opportunity to have her own place. But  I do wonder? Why does he keep coming into my thoughts? Why do I keep seeing him in my mind? Why do I sense him?  Her angel is close by me. So, I thank him, each time he is here.  He is near right now to comfort her Momma and to protect our little girl.  I love to hear stories of our loved ones escaping harm by angels or amazing heroic people! Have you saved someone’s life or been saved from certain harm? Please share! It warms our hearts and makes us thankful for each day with those we love. 


Discover the hidden Magic of Fort Wilderness Campground at Walt Disney World

Nestled peacefully on the south eastern banks of Bay Lake is the rustic Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness Campground.  Originally opened on November 19, 1971, this relaxing paradise has endured for over forty years providing wonderful memories for families from generation to generation.  My family was  introduced to this incredible resort back in 1998, and… Continue reading Discover the hidden Magic of Fort Wilderness Campground at Walt Disney World


Celebrate the New Year with Downtown Disney!

If you are looking for that special place to ring in the new year that has restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and lots of people watching, there is no better place than Downtown Disney for 2013! What is currently known as Downtown Disney, originally opened on March 22, 1975 as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village.  Through the… Continue reading Celebrate the New Year with Downtown Disney!


Enjoying Walt Disney World cuisine on a budget!

For many, the desire to enjoy a well deserved vacation at Walt Disneyworld is just beyond their reach due to costs.   One area that Disneyworld has helped in the past few years is the policy change to allow outside food and drinks into their four Theme Parks.  There is probably no area within a budget that… Continue reading Enjoying Walt Disney World cuisine on a budget!


Not to play with my mind

Go out the back, come around,pause, then walk in the door again. Stop and very slowly look around. Close your eyes for just a second and they will appear. Look at their faces, say their names, and  remember the expression in their eyes.   If  you are accepted,  you’ll feel the warmth of their arms,… Continue reading Not to play with my mind


And the color is….

From pig-tails,curly blonde hair,to black and pink hair. In honor of the feisty lady with breast and lung cancer that was given 6 months to live,I have colored the top of my hair in the front bright pink. The rest is black to make the pink stand out. I have complete strangers everywhere-And I mean,EVERYWHERE,come… Continue reading And the color is….