Dorothy is right, there’s no place like home…


After an incredible weekend up in southern Indiana, spending time with my mother celebrating her birthday, we are so glad to be home.

Friday we drove from Nashville to the country near Seymour in an ice and snow storm that resulted in never achieving more than 30-40 mph for most of the trip.  So many individuals think they know how to drive.  Some of them seem to forget when inclement weather strikes.  There were at least 25 wrecks and spin outs along I-65 North, with a few times that we narrowly escaped keeping it straight.  Maybe we can develop a second tier of licenses.  One that allows you to operate a motor vehicle, and a second, higher tier to allow for driving when the weather is not horrible.  This means that you not only will slow it down, but that you will not drive in a manner that causes everyone around you to hit their brakes constantly.  That you will be not only considerate of others, but be a part of the team of vehicles on the road just trying to get from point A to B without a wreck!!

At any rate, we are now safe and sound back in our home in middle Tennessee.  Yes Dorothy, there really is no place like home!

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