16 Days

16 Days till Christmas caught my ear on the radio this morning. I was driving along, envisioning myself in either a grumpy bear suit or a itchy, green Grinch outfit,growling or mumbling unkind words at anyone and everyone,being selfish with my own space and grabbing time for just me. The thought of actually wearing the suits as a warning to everyone so I don’t have to say why I feel like this every single time for the past million months (you’d think they’d know by now),made me smile :^).  All these thoughts that took long enough for me to drive a short road,made me turn a different corner in my thoughts. The evil me melted away and I began to think unselfishly about those I love,and then on to those I see struggling,to those that are in need,to those that are struggling and in need of help within these 16 days till Christmas. So it is,bags of clothes and games from the family to donate,little lonely older people to visit,donations to be made,and cookies to be baked and delivered and joy and the hope of helping make 16 days a thankful time of prayer, love, and peace to all. 

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