And the color is….

From pig-tails,curly blonde hair,to black and pink hair. In honor of the feisty lady with breast and lung cancer that was given 6 months to live,I have colored the top of my hair in the front bright pink. The rest is black to make the pink stand out. I have complete strangers everywhere-And I mean,EVERYWHERE,come up to me and say,”I love your hair”. I, each and every time, tell them that I did this for my little lady that I care for that has breast cancer. I make her smile,she says. I am her best friend, she says. She can’t wait for me to get there every morning, she says. I am like family,she says. I say. I know why I moved from sunny warm days in Florida to Tennessee. I know why I was so incredibly,and strongly lead to turn my hair a flaming, see me for miles, pink. Because. For you,I am the Pink Lady. 









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