Bragging on our son

I just picked our son up from school. I really felt like bragging on him today. He is a senior this year. He has always been on the honor roll  his whole life, except maybe two times. He was born on my late brother’s birthday.  He memorizes what is taught in each class, what he see’s in movies and what he reads. He is full of energy, full of humor,full of love, and full of life. He opens doors for, and is, respectful to women. He still waves at me and kisses and hugs me in public. He is by far, the best Uncle there is. He makes over each niece and nephew and always picks them up and plays with them! He tells about Robot Chicken and SNL in a way that makes me laugh harder than when I watch them myself. He conquers every video game out there,and makes up and does amazing artwork for games himself. He really is an awesome artist and writer! A few weeks ago, he was telling me that the senior’s in his JROTC class would be going to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Murfreesboro, TN right before Christmas to visit with and hand deliver Christmas cards to them. I was so proud of him tonight when I picked him up. He was so excited when he got in the van. He truly enjoyed being there. He talked to one man that had  guarded  the men that placed the American flag on the hill at the Battle of Iwo Jima.  Our son will leave us next July, at 17 years of age,to go into the Marine’s.  The lady that I help each morning was excited because her neighbor is a Vietnam Veteran and he was really impressed with a young man that gave him his Christmas card. He showed it to her and at the bottom was our son’s name.   He has, and is, and always will be a wonderful blessing from above.  Thank you Dear Lord. 

2 thoughts on “Bragging on our son

  1. Thank you very much!! Time does fly 🙂 He is a United States Marine, 20 years old, respectful and respected, smart, and hard working. And he loves to still help others. He makes our hearts happy because when he has time off, he wants to be with us :))

    Thank you for reading this and commenting, that means a lot ❤ Jen


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