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Time. Time spent holding their hand. Holding their hand slowing time. Time spent looking into their eyes. Looking into their eyes to gain time. Time well spent. Time slowed down.   Freezing that brief, beautiful second of time. That second of time froze in time. Time you know in your heart, you made someone feel… Continue reading Time,time.


The Tree

The limbs, the branches, the old and the new. The trunk the body, the base the knees. The roots our strength. Searching through our soil we find our secrets,deep. Each leaf a  soul, each vein a life. The sap our tears, the rustle our laughter loud, the groans our growth, the whispered wind hiding our… Continue reading The Tree


Ms. Martha and there are others……..

Ms. Martha was a vocal, blunt, interesting woman, who decided she did like me. She wore huge, thick rimmed, red glasses and she still had to have the television and anything in print almost pressed up to her nose. She bragged that she read everything she got close to since she was a young girl… Continue reading Ms. Martha and there are others……..


She whispered In his ear

There once was a little girl who dug in the dirt,who dug up worms,who walked in the long spiked grass. Who wandered around the beautiful flowers,who looked deep into their being. She observed the bee’s, the wasps,the ants and the ladybugs. She caught fireflies and ran through the dark nights with them stuck to her… Continue reading She whispered In his ear


our 20th wedding anniversary,we are so proud,so in love

i am smiling so much after an amazing trip my husband and i took to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! many exclamation marks times forever! a big WOW! and many huge smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 we made love we held hands we kissed we walked and talked and laughed and smiled and… Continue reading our 20th wedding anniversary,we are so proud,so in love