She whispered In his ear

There once was a little girl who dug in the dirt,who dug up worms,who walked in the long spiked grass. Who wandered around the beautiful flowers,who looked deep into their being. She observed the bee’s, the wasps,the ants and the ladybugs. She caught fireflies and ran through the dark nights with them stuck to her arms. She ran barefoot over rocks and busted hot tar bubbles with her toes. Who jumped in the pile of leaves and smelled in their earthy fragrance. Who climbed the trees,proud of the scratches on her knees and arms. She swung until she reached the highest height, then jumped with all her might,to fly free through the air. Handstands! Cartwheels! She rode her bike till the pedals went faster than her feet,then coasted,then faster,faster,fastest, until she slowed again. She looked up at the moon,the stars,the sun. She listened to the wind,the thunder,the rain. Who watched the lightening chase through the clouds in the sky. She caught snowflakes with her tongue.Who made snow angels and a snowman. Who heard the crunch under her boots,felt the cold on her fingers and nose. Who came in each time to see you unable to ever walk or run or play. So she whispered in your ear of all the fun she wished you could have had that day. She breathed in the fragrance of your hair. Who held your hands and looked into your eyes. She whispered her love to you. There is now a grown woman looking up into the heavens,smiling. Who see’s you climbing,walking,running. She knows you are jumping,flying,smiling. She still whispers in your ear the most important words she ever said. I love you.

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