Should be sleeping!

So very tired and should be sleeping! It’s Tuesday and the rest of the week is going to get terribly busy, but all I could think as my head started to hit the pillow was “Don’t lay down yet. Get up and post a blog. Any blog. A blog about whatever.” So what came to mind is how ideas pop in without warning. Silly,sad,happy,boring ideas. They form as I brush my teeth, look out the back door, lay wide awake at night, listening to (honestly, I should say watching) someone talk, trying to concentrate on the television, driving the mini-van, putting on lipstick, shuffling through empty index cards, looking at (and don’t laugh!) dirt, sitting at the bank, and on and on. I crack myself up because of the crazy thoughts that become a funny little joke just for me to enjoy. I go to bed reasonably early each night, wake up very early for coffee, and then proceed to get very busy. But lately I have felt so determined to take time just to sit and write and think. Now that I am way tired, I am wondering if this is a post about nothing or really about everything. Somehow all my dreams, plans for writing a book, and all my silly to boring ideas are mine and mine only. They are my responsibility to blog about. This is my goal for this year, even when I really should be sleeping. Good night,sleep tight 🙂

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