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You are beautiful

Just look at you! You are beautiful. Not just on the outside,but the inside also. You radiate sunshine and give big smiles of joy. You offer praise, but you also reprimand at the appropriate time. You pray for others,you truly do. You offer to help with no payback. You call and write people or stop… Continue reading You are beautiful

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Can I Tell You My Dream? Part 1

The secret lies with the dead fox,thus why I wrote my poem about a sneaky fox titled, that Fox. When someone walks up to me and says, “Can I Tell You My Dream?”. I feel secretly blessed that they would share, when they open up to me, as they share where their mind took them… Continue reading Can I Tell You My Dream? Part 1


Our Well- Rounded is Huge! And Growing!

My wheel with all the spokes or my circle with all the slices is not going to hold all of my world, our world!!! Smile and laugh that beautiful laugh you have my sweet wonderful husband. I’m writing to you when I am on here. I know you are so proud of me, but I want… Continue reading Our Well- Rounded is Huge! And Growing!


Food for Thought

Food for Thought seems to be said quite a few times to me by my husband. I get so excited because that short sentence is usually followed by another great sentence. One that holds an exciting thought he has been waiting to share all day with me! I wish I would have written down each… Continue reading Food for Thought