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Can I Tell You My Dream? Part 1

The secret lies with the dead fox,thus why I wrote my poem about a sneaky fox titled, that Fox.

When someone walks up to me and says, “Can I Tell You My Dream?”. I feel secretly blessed that they would share, when they open up to me, as they share where their mind took them through the night.

As they talk, I watch them fold in to themselves with dark uncertain parts,or big-eyed and excited to reach the end to see what I thought it meant.

 I have a re-occurring dream that never finishes and I don’t always look forward to having it……But I also wake up knowing that I have it for a reason. The reason is, I still have an unfinished journey,different paths to take to solve a family mystery.

I am a wanderer. I walk several roads,up and down,taking the stairs and hills in stride, never tiring, but still searching for something,that one clue that will lead to the next,then the final piece that brings me to a halt.  I am going to say I Presume that I have this constant dream because I am the one that will solve the tangled past. 

This is a real family story from my mom’s side that I have worked on for 20 years. I know I am running out of time. I feel it so strongly. The one person that could open up the next clue is my 91 year old Grandma that I found about 5 years ago.



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