Hello! How are you this afternoon? I hope all is well with you and your family. We have been battling allergies and I had a migraine on all days-Valentine’s! We are looking forward to more pleasant weather next week and not having to be all bundled up just to take a walk together. We celebrated my 46th birthday Saturday and three out of our four children were there and all but one of my grandchildren. Our one daughter lives in Florida with her husband and her son and a little one on the way. I enjoyed hearing all the laughter and little feet running around. I loved the noise! My husband planned the whole party. He is really my very best of friends. I watched him bring out my cupcakes as everyone sang to me and I got all excited and yelled out hooray and clapped my hands! He laughed and as he bent down for me to blow out my candles,one of our granddaughters leaned in and blew them out and cheered! Of course seeing her so happy and flashing her beautiful big smile at me, I burst into laughter and threw my arms around her and all my little precious one’s that were near. My husband let me choose the meal and dessert. I completely threw him for a loop when I said I wanted stir-fry or burritos and nachos. I am still,after a couple of weeks,smiling so big from everyone being so close to me and loving me so much and making me so happy every single day of my life. I am so very blessed! Thank you Dear Lord!!!

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