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A Stack of books

A stack of books with the bindings turned to show the worn titles were the focal point in my mind. Or my mind’s eye, was I suppose to say?  I don’t know. I would have to figure that out later. I looked at them every single day and drew warmth and love from the thought… Continue reading A Stack of books

Ancestors · Thoughts

The Lost Art of Our Old-fashioned #1

This IS an exciting project that needs to be gathered from journals and old yellowed recipe cards,but since we barely  have any of those, we have to go on memories. Not full boxes of pictures found on the stairs leading up to the attic, or a diary by someone’s bed. There are some newspapers article… Continue reading The Lost Art of Our Old-fashioned #1


The Bully on the Block

He sauntered out of his house. He moseyed across the yard. He slunk through the brush and undergrowth. He sat down where the little rabbits and baby turkeys had scurried to hide. He enjoyed the frightened chorus of the different birds. He stretched out a leg and lazily closed an eye. He began a smile… Continue reading The Bully on the Block