The Bully on the Block

He sauntered out of his house. He moseyed across the yard. He slunk through the brush and undergrowth. He sat down where the little rabbits and baby turkeys had scurried to hide.

He enjoyed the frightened chorus of the different birds. He stretched out a leg and lazily closed an eye. He began a smile that exposed sharp teeth. He licked at his fur and pretended to go to sleep.

At just the right moment, when all had calmed down, he would race out and scream, and swat, and pounce,  and enjoy a feathered feast.

He raised his head and switched his tail and let out a terrible laugh. He jumped through the fence and saw his first treat.

The sound of the birds began a new song. They swooped and they plunged. Their beaks dug into his head. Feathers were flying and so was the fur.

He was confused and frightened and torn. He heard a new song as he stumbled back home. The words were sung by the one’s he had bullied before. As he reached the door, he heard a bark and turned. The neighbor dog was smiling. He was the one that had sent out the warning.

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