The Book Thief:Movie Review

The Book Thief, the movie drew me                      to watch, first, because of the title. I assumed the little girl was living during WWII and the burning of books.That she read a lot and all her favorite authors’ works had been destroyed. I was quite sure she would… Continue reading The Book Thief:Movie Review


What I Like!

1. Starting a new board on Pinterest-I get so excited! I want to share it with everyone 2. When someone says-“Come here. I really need a hug!” 3. To hear someone laugh a great big loud laugh. Makes me laugh! HaHaHaaaa! 4. Listening to uplifting music. Like What a Wonderful World by Israel ‘ lZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole  5. Hearing campground sounds.… Continue reading What I Like!


So Important to Set Goals

Sometimes is seems that life gets so hectic that time just passes so quickly.  In fact, with all the new technology available, much of our precious spare time is now filled before we know it.  This makes it so important, now as much as ever, to set goals and keep moving forward. Keeping your eyes… Continue reading So Important to Set Goals


Christmas In July At Our House

Blessings, in abundance, in our house. Our blessings are sent from above. They are in love for our children, family members, and close friends. Blessings given as gifts. Such as, good health, happiness, the strength of love dissolving the stress of life. We decided before our last two children moved out this year, that we… Continue reading Christmas In July At Our House


Starting at Start Again

Hard work has always been a wonderful way for me to keep in shape, help others, and make very good money. My residential cleaning business grew quite large and branched into commercial, new construction, and cleaning boats for shows. I met and am still meeting, some very wonderful individuals, that make me feel like part… Continue reading Starting at Start Again


The Search

The search for family began about 16 years ago. Two years ago, I discovered my Grandma, my mom’s biological mother. I honestly thought I would discover her after she had died. I pictured myself finally looking up her name, and different ways to type it into the computer, to finally see it appear. It would be… Continue reading The Search