Hanging out with loved ones…

Something special about hanging out with loved ones. It is special when those people are family members. People you enjoy being with and appreciate their company. A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend at Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World with some very special family members that we truly love spending time with. Doesn’t the time go so fast? Too fast! We had such a wonderful time and every moment felt like a special moment.


God blesses us with these time as we draw closer to him. As the 4th of July draws closer to us as an American holiday tradition, I hope each of you are able to find those special people and spend time with them. Hopefully they are family members, but they may be friends, or people you work with, or workout with. It doesn’t really matter, but just know that you have special people around you each and every day that you need to appreciate their time and the love that your feel.

Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone and may you enjoy it with those dear to you. GSN

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