The Search

The search for family began about 16 years ago. Two years ago, I discovered my Grandma, my mom’s biological mother. I honestly thought I would discover her after she had died. I pictured myself finally looking up her name, and different ways to type it into the computer, to finally see it appear. It would be a last name I had never heard of and it would be printed on a tombstone with the beginning date, one that I had looked up many times. 

The day I found her, I had stayed up all night and almost all day. I reached a high I had never experienced before in my life. My best friend and forever love, my wonderful husband that had supported me on this desperate search, was gone for a few days for work. I called him on the phone and excitedly told him every single detail!! I wrote it all down and then when he returned home, I told him all over again.

Well. I could hardly sit still. I had begun a free family search on some years ago and just never gave up. Since this time, three uncles and cousins have been added to our family tree! The last uncle was just found two weeks ago. It is like finding some LOST PIECES from a long forgotten PUZZLE!

The Search is still ON. From this search spirals lies, secrets, confusion, doubt, runaways,  anger from some of my family, and the biggest mystery still to feed my curious mind!

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