The Book Thief:Movie Review

The Book Thief, the movie drew me         download             to watch, first, because of the title. I assumed the little girl was living during WWII and the burning of books.That she read a lot and all her favorite authors’ works had been destroyed. I was quite sure she would be fleeing for her life, stealing books along the way, experiencing unbelievable tragedy all around her. Secondly, I have craved books that contain diaries from the children of the Holocaust. I assumed I would see her recording the devastation all around her. Their diaries held such talented, beautiful, minds on each page. 

I purposely did not read what the movie was about and sat down with my daughter to be humbled because we are so blessed, to cry and mourn for those killed during this time. To try to even begin to imagine what they endured, and how they were even able to continue in life. Some lost every single soul they knew. Whether they were killed or they could not find them anywhere. They literally started over in life. I was drawn in to Liesel’s life instantly. She, like so many other people, suffered unbelievable horror. 

Obvious, to some of you, I have not read the book, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  I do not remember even seeing it. So now, I will download the book to my ipad and live in their lives once again. The movie touched me. The book will, no doubt, do the same. 

This is not a regular review where I tell everything about the movie. I hope you watch it and find out what really happens and leave comments and let me know if you were drawn in from the first scene. I am curious when you might figure out who the narrator really is in the movie! Jennifer

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