A handicap comes in different ways. Some individuals are able to live a productive and fulfilling life even though they may not have full use of their body. My first experience was feeding, loving, and living with my older brother who was mainly only able to move his head and eyes. He could communicate with… Continue reading Michael


Just a Funny One I wanted to post :^)

My last post was about Dreams. My dreams. The same dream. Time after  T I M E. So now I wonder if because I wrote about my wandering nights, the dream changed? What does this mean? I am at Walmart looking through jeans trying so hard to find my size. Then Gary walks up and… Continue reading Just a Funny One I wanted to post :^)


Searching Through The Night

Dreams They rarely let me rest. Dreams run me, or rather walk me everywhere, all night. Dreams make me wonder, they bring out the very curious creature in me. What is wonderful, is that I seem to remember them each morning. Most people claim to never dream or can not give detail on their evening… Continue reading Searching Through The Night


Saturday Morning Deja Vu

Friday night movie night with Gary-Incredibly Relaxing.  Everything in life slowed waaaaay down and got better as the night progressed. The popcorn tasted like gourmet. We topped it off with Cheez-its and leaned back and relaxed. The movie theater held a total of 6. Us included. So quiet. We enjoyed the movie Lucy and went with whatever… Continue reading Saturday Morning Deja Vu