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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brew-Restaurant Review

A couple of weeks ago, we visited our local Red Robin Restaurant in Mt. Juliet, or Providence,TN.                                                 download.jpg

This was our first, but not our last visit. We were greeted in a very friendly manner by the hostess that was shocked to see her and I had similar hair. Short, black, and very bright pink in the front. She teased with the manager that I was trying to steal her look.

We had arrived on a Saturday, 15 minutes after they had opened, and were seated at the last available table. The place was packed and everyone was laughing and talking. We felt right at ease and had a great time with our son, daughter, grandson, and granddaughter.  The restaurant manager came by to ask how we were and to jokingly ask if I was the twin sister of their hostess. To which I responded with a huge HA since I am about 20 years older than her. 

We started out with a huge stack of onion rings!                          onion tower Oh my,how yummy. Our waitress was right on, with great timing, refilling our drinks, checking on us, and helping us become cardless members. We were well on our way to earning a free hamburger and at the end of our meal we received a free $10 dessert.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love hamburgers. red robin_big imageWe are on a mission to visit our local Red Robin and others as we begin to travel and try each and every  hamburger on the menu. We won’t stop there. The wraps, salads, chicken burgers, the brew, and the soups will have to be tested.       IMG_1563

Last night sweet Gary surprised me with another visit to Red Robin to try a different appetizer and their milkshakes that we have heard tasty talk about.Thick and tasty they were. We shared nachos, guacamole, and salsa.           IMG_1564


What a fun and relaxing night with my baby on a date, at a place we just found that is so great.

So, go, relax,eat, pray. Love,Jennifer

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