E-books! Books!

One day, two weeks ago, I had a few small minutes to run into the library, but just to return a book due that day. On the way out, I saw garbage on the ground and reached down so I could pitch it in the trash. It appeared to be someone’s business card all crumpled. I am curious to know what people do for a living and for their hobbies, so I smoothed it out. It was actually from the library. It read-ENJOY eBooks & audiobooks. I had just started downloading e-books on to my new ipad. I know I am behind the times still and will probably never be caught up. That’s okay. But I have to say, I got very excited. I wondered how long this had been available? I did not know I could sit at home and still get books from the library. I have since gotten an account and read and loved ,The Book Thief. My second book is the first in the series Cedar Cove, 16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber. Has everyone known about this for awhile? LOL

Last week,  my husband and I walked into a BAM. We needed and wanted to relax and reconnect with each other. As we walked in, I felt like hugging him. So I did. I smiled. He smiled. We laughed and talked, holding hands as we looked down almost all of the aisles. The beautiful, wonderful, full of books to hold and touch, aisles. I love books. I love to read. I could not read at all as I started 1st grade, but much thanks to a couple of very special teachers who were patient and took the time to help me learn. After that, I have had a huge love affair with books.

I hope to always have my favorite books  (adding to my collection) all around me. If it is just to glance over at them. Or pick them up and turn the pages. I am happy to be able to download books and I like that I can read them wherever, whenever. I don’t even have to turn on the lights. Jennifer


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