Never Really Knowing Her

I have worked four years for an elderly woman with the beginnings of breast and lung cancer. The cancer has, in the last year, taken over her feet, and works it’s way up her legs. I deep clean her home once a week and every day come for an hour to feed her dog, feed her, make her smoothie,coffee,and lay out her clothes. She also has hospice 3 days a week.  

She has become wheelchair bound, and one of her biggest joys is watching her birds. She loves her politics and has mentioned traveling all over the world with her husband and children. She was an Hospital Administrator in San Antonio. After that, I could mention that she is very giving, outspoken, and loves the Lord. 

Until this morning, I never really knew her. I’ve only known her as an older woman, one needing assistance. I was hearing her morning program and that they were skydiving. I yelled out from the kitchen that I thought that would be so much fun. I want to do that soon! She yelled back. “I’ve already done it. And the thrill of flying is amazing!”

Here has sat a woman, that has accomplished wonderful things in her life. She has been one of the girls in the Roller Derby, traveled the world, skydived, rode a motorcycle, and sped down the side of a mountain in a seat on a rail. Each visit I hope to pull more adventures of her life out of her, and hope to get to really know her.

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