Our Backpack

I used to love to tease with my husband, Gary, that if everyday life as a momma and wife got to be too much, I would fade away. I would calmly go to the closet, put on my walking shoes, wrap my arms into my backpack, and walk. Walk away from it all. Then he would take my hand, I would look into his eyes, and we would start laughing. After almost 21 years of marriage, we both know that whatever has happened in our life with each other, we really have handled it together.

He shared with me not too long ago, that when I very first mentioned my backpack (way back when), he was just a little envious. I really would never have gone far. And I wouldn’t actually walk, I would drive my truck. I would go down to get an iced tea somewhere and pull a book out of my tinkerbell backpack. It is just big enough to hold my phone and a book, my sunglasses, and my keys. I would sit in a parking lot and read for about 20 minutes. Miss everyone and head back home. There will be a time and many travels for a backpack, but it will be ours. A backpack we share together.

It will hold first aid items, a couple of sandwich bags with snacks,two water bottles,his knife,my lipstick,a change of clothes for each of us,the camera,our phones,the tablet. We will take turns carrying our backpack. It will get rained on, sweat drenched, and plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Our backpack will follow us on some pretty cool adventures. Adventures that will be amazingly done together. Jennifer 

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