Planting Flowers The Joy of Helping Others

My son and I had the sweet opportunity to plant some pretty little pink mums and a few pink tropical plants for a woman that can not easily get out of her chair anymore, and she certainly can not get to her plants out front. She sits all day in the same chair watching the birds eat from her plants and drink from her feeders. She wheels herself into her kitchen and can spy a part of her flower garden in the yard. Before she goes to sleep at night, she leans up in her bed and catches a small glimpse of her solar plants out front.

She has just absolutely fallen in love with our son, Alexander, and who could blame her.He has a warm smile, a gentle way, and a genuine laugh. He put her right to ease and she even asked for a hug before we left. He steadily worked and never once complained.

After we had finished, her plants got a nice big drink from the garden hose, and her porch got a thorough sweep. She let out a shout of joy, she had a huge smile, and her eyes were all lit up. Her little old puppy even got a lot of attention and had his tail wagging for Alexander to pet his ears again.

Try to find someone in need and just stop by a couple of times a week. Just a short little visit can really brighten someone’s day. Find the joy in helping others.


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