Time After Time

 A very special moment was had this morning. Picture two lovers. They wake up in the morning way before the morning is lit. They shower, have devotions and prayer together. They sip their coffee, all while loving each other with sweet smiles and the look in their eyes. Pandora is playing songs from the station Wonderland by Night. Then, for a brief moment, their world stops. Their love song is beginning.

Time After Time fills the room and they stand, move close, and dance. As they hold each other, gently swaying to the beautiful words, tears start to form in their eyes and travel down their cheeks. The lyrics are:Time after time I tell myself that I am so lucky to be loving you.  So lucky to be the one you run to see in the evening when the day is through. I only know what I know, the passing years will show,  you’ve kept my love so young, so new. And time after time you’ll hear me say that I’m so lucky to be loving you.   

And I am. Jennifer is lucky to be loving Gary. 


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