Encourage · Scripts


Perseverance:steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

obstacles that might stand in my way each day as I try to write and learn:scheduled away from the house for work,errands,travel,and appointments,interruptions at home by family or by the phone

what to do about these obstacles:carry a pen and paper to jot ideas down for writing,use ColorNote on my phone,bring my tablet with me as I travel,talk to my family and let them know I am working (writing) and still have special time with them during the day and also a few nights

Since I have to be out, listen to the radio to educate myself on the news, and new songs, listen to people’s conversations,help people in need,look for ways to volunteer and/or get involved,go to my appointments early and relax (a little me relaxing time)

Keep encouraging myself and others around me to work hard towards their dreams. Tell them they will have down days and people will be negative, but try to look for the positive.

Never give up! Keep writing,dreaming,never stop!

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