Why We Can’t Sleep

We, and I am talking about two of my daughters, one of my prayer partners who is reaching the age of 87, and myself, are definitely not getting a full nights sleep. I always sleep, and drift off very nicely. Lately, each one woman has told me she is struggling to get a decent nights sleep. We are not all together as we have these conversations. But in the past few days, each one has relayed to me having bad dreams and then drifting off and then wide awake throughout the night. Before I can ask what they are doing to go back to sleep, they tell me. They each begin praying earnestly for their loved ones, and I told them the exact same thing has been happening to me during the same time. I wake up nervous, but I don’t know why, so I start praying for my families safety and health. I believe in the power of prayer and I mention it in my posts sometimes. For some reason, maybe an angel is shaking us awake, because we are all praying for the same people.

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