3 Bright Stars Tonight

Today began at 4:15. Gary went for his morning jog down a Spooky Dark country road. Not included. Fear of being eaten by coyotes. But I did agree to go tonight just because he asked if I would like to see the night sky. And I feel like I practically jumped on the chance to go out in the Wild Scary night just to see if we can spot Orion’s Belt. Why did I agree so quickly when we can safely walk at the community center or Charlie Daniel’s Park when we go to Mt. Juliet. I can see 3 bright stars when we drive home. There are plenty of little side roads to pull off on and stand and stare at a whole big sky full of beautiful brightness. I agreed because he always wants me to experience everything with him. How wonderful, loving and special. I am married and we still, after so many years, want to do everything together. So. I hope to walk Bravely and Romantically. Look up and see stars tonight with the love of my life.

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