Encourage · Scripts

A Special Recipe

Take a lot of Kindness and a twinkle from your eye, Use plenty of Give and Take with more of a will to Try.

A thimble full of Humor, now and then a pinch of Wit, and a compliment that is Honest Never,never forget it.

With a pat upon the shoulder and a joke or two, and laugh, Oh, do not forget the kisses ‘Bout a million and a half.

Mix them thoroughly with a Hug. Then add more Give and Take, put all this in a mixing bowl, be sure to stir and shake.

Perhaps a little seasoning, like Smiles and salty Tears, an ounce of Silver and Gold or more to care for those later years.

Yes, you should add some Spice of Life before putting it in to bake, also a lot of Patience and Trust, with a little more Give and Take,

Serve it with God’s Blessing that comes only from God above don’t know what you’ll call it but I call it “LOVE.”  

Who wrote this poem? 

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