Impressed with Planet Fitness

  Whoo Hoo! We are now brand new members at our local Mt. Juliet Planet Fitness!! This location is new to the area and recently built by my husbands company he works for. There were so many impressive qualities. First, no making fun of anyone. “Judgment Free Zone”! The staff were very impressive, greeting us… Continue reading Impressed with Planet Fitness


I miss our son

Our son just left for basic training for the Marines. And yes, I really miss him. But I am so proud of him. The emotions that my husband and I experienced the first night were exhausting. I will admit we cried quite a bit. We were either crying together or taking turns. We finally decided… Continue reading I miss our son

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The Strength of prayer

The strength of our young man. No looking back to give a final wave, Just a slight turn of the eyes. Walking purposely. Bravely moving forward. Walking through the open doors. Open World. Showing STRENGTH purposely through silent prayer, No final phone call. Thirteen weeks moving in to manhood. Knowing We Are In Prayer. Bravely… Continue reading The Strength of prayer


Enjoying a season of change

Fall is in full bloom, with the changing of the colors and the onset of cooler temperatures.  This past weekend was a magnificent example of this with God’s beautiful artwork on display as we traveled up to southern Indiana to visit with both of our families. Originally planned as a trip to help my mother… Continue reading Enjoying a season of change


Steps to prevent the further spreading of the ebola virus?

It is disappointing to read on a daily basis the current crisis  we are experiencing in the United states and throughout the World with the ebola virus. What was first dicovered in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is creating major health concerns again as governements and agencies prepare to fight this… Continue reading Steps to prevent the further spreading of the ebola virus?


Ready for him to leave, but not as ready as I thought…

Our son has been preparing for his Marine basic training for over a year. Well, that is not completely true. He has been preparing for this departure since his freshman year of high school ROTC. His ship date for basic has always been far off.  It seemed far off. Not that it was necessarily set in stone,… Continue reading Ready for him to leave, but not as ready as I thought…