Slow Down

Not going to try to rhyme or come up with a lot of words, just gonna be blunt. That is really how I am.  Slow down. Stop trying to rush each day, moment, sex, conversations, time with those you love and care for, and those you walk past. Look at the ground, the sky, your surroundings, people around you. Slow down to appreciate being out, breathing, walking, living. Living. Alive. Live and be alive. Smile. Look people in the eyes. Listen to them. See them. Touch them. Hear their pain and their joy. Touch their arm, shoulder, hug them. Stop rushing through the week. Slow down with friendships as they can easily come, but just as easily go. Enjoy hearing laughter, smelling good food, seeing someone smile, tasting someone’s kiss, feeling someone’s hand in yours, and on and on our list can go if we can just slow down.

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