Sometimes, more than not, people I really love come to me or call me with their problems and dreams and nightmares.

Sometimes, I get angry with those who hurt them, and yell and spout off what I would do if I were them, or what I will do to them for making this special person in my life hurt or cry.

Sometimes, I dismiss it quickly and tell them to not think of it again. To go on with their life as if it did not happen. To laugh and be happy, but inside I take on their sorrow and pain. I hurt.

Sometimes, I hear their dreams and nightmares and think they will really come true.

Sometimes, and this is more often than not also, I am not very approachable and I do not handle the situation right. I think what help am I really? I can not say the right words like other people can. I can not express my genuine concern and fears the way others do.

Sometimes, I feel like I have failed them.

Sometimes, I know I am exactly where I need to be, trying to be all that I can.

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