Mysteries of Reading

Urval_av_de_bocker_som_har_vunnit_Nordiska_radets_litteraturpris_under_de_50_ar_som_priset_funnits_(2).jpgOne book, I read quickly, before my two week loan was up at the library.  I am on my second book by Ann Hood in two weeks.

I do not read fast lately. I can, but when a book lands in my hands, it seems every single person in the house gravitates to me. Some stand right up against my  legs as I sit folded up in my chair. Others sit right up against me if I am on the couch and lean their shoulder against mine. My husband begins talking about all of our plans for our future and his photography. Our youngest daughter talks non-stop, excitedly using her hands, laughing, and having this wonderful happy conversation. My son tells me amazing stories about mythology and the

hereas, for myself,  I have not had to even look up from my book, but they have chosen ME to talk to. I take this as a great honor. I begin a paragraph, and one minute later, I am on the same paragraph trying to multi-task each word from the book and what is coming out of my beautiful kids mouths’, putting the book story on one side of my brain, and my beautiful family’s life stories on the other.

I read later at night than what my body wants me to be up. But this is one of the best times to read, as the house is quiet. I live in a peaceful home with a wonderful husband, sweet children and grandchildren. 

So, if you are feeling lonely, left out of conversations, and are curiously wondering if what happens to me when I pick up a book will happen to you? Try iT! What are some funny things or odd or weird or mysterious or relaxing times that happen when you open a book to read around family and friends?

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