Don’t Eat the Berries


Of course I know this! Better than anyone. Unless, I have a farmer, or berry expert, or both, I promise to just look at berries! I have a fascination for red berries. My husband was teasing me, so I took his picture. We took a walk with our son down a one lane country road. This nature walk has become one of our favorites. I have other pics that I can share. But on this trip, it seemed like everywhere we glanced, red berries were there.

I ate 3, what my mom called, Japanese poisonous berries, when I was 4 years old. My mother told me to stay away from the berries, don’t go anywhere near them, don’t touch them, do not eat them. So I walked over, picked some, squished some, ate some. Then I went and told her. I definitely remember having my stomach pumped.

I do not know my berries. So I am not sure what these are. But, as Autumn, Fall, Or Harvest is beginning to show beautiful colors, I thought I would share the pretty color of these berries!

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