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So, we found this persimmon tree last week on one of our walks. My husband glanced over and asked what I thought those were hanging on that tree in a field? I said maybe they would turn out to be persimmons. We took a picture and sent it to his mom’s phone. She responded with the answer we were hoping for. 

We need to pick them off the ground. Luckily, the tree is right by the road. A few had fallen, but that was largely due to a dead limb that held a nice amount. There were quiet a lot of hornets, but they seemed to be ignoring us as they chewed on the fruit. The one we picked up, smelled good. I hungered for persimmon pudding with cool-whip!

His mom makes persimmon pudding, as did my mom. It is a wonderful dessert when we visit! I love the texture and the taste. I might have helped make this when I was younger, but I am not sure. I do remember driving out in the country in Indiana to pick up persimmons and walnuts and to gather wild raspberries and blackberries.

I hope to learn how to gather, preserve, and bake from this area. I definitely was told by my mom what she had found and helped in the kitchen, but I really don’t remember how to do any of this anymore.  I just remember all the wonderful smells and the homemade meals!

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