Duty of the Organizer

Duty of the organizer, the organizer being myself, is to procrastinate first off. Hold on while I go make myself a soda, glance out the window, start some laundry.

I’m back! Big smile :)))))

But with perseverance, magazine clippings, and Pinterest exploring, I feel some reassurance that I really can start with my small piles and take slight chaos to more of a workable writing, reading, craft station.

My piles are usually articles on recipes and fashion that I have ripped out of my weekly magazine my husband picks out for me. I also am so guilty of writing notes to myself on little slips of paper. Several little slips of paper. (I already confessed in my post yesterday of hiding toilet paper rolls.) Then I record in notebooks, every last clue I find on my genealogy search.

Actually, I am a very neat, clean person. I own a successful cleaning business and enjoy knowing my own home and truck are kept very clean. But, maybe some of you out there, also do what I do. We help others, work, grocery shop, cook, run errands, but at the end of the day we glance around our own little area and realize we barely took care of our own interests.

My interests are reading, writing, NOT arithmetic! I like to cook at home and plan out the meals for the week. Have morning devotions and work out and/or walk every single day. I love to listen to classical and country music, watch a funny sitcom or movie with the family, just sit down and talk with our kids, and play and color with our grandbabies.

I feel so happy when I have quality family time. But then, I can’t help but notice, I am falling behind on keeping myself all put together. I start snapping at everyone, get discouraged, and feel overwhelmed.

So, I started with my lists and transferred them into my phone under ColorNote! ColorNote is now my good friend. He is yellow and downloaded on my phone, which like almost everyone out there, I have with me at all times. I am checking ColorNote each time I am out. I am saving myself extra little trips to the store. I keep all my contacts stored in my phone. I still keep a calendar in the kitchen, but need to transfer birthdays to my phone calendar.

I have recipes written on everything! I still like to write them on index cards and keep them in the kitchen in my old recipe box. They are slowly being written out and filed. Plus, I have added extra writing time. One of our daughters wants recipes she grew up with, written in my penmanship and mailed to her in a binder. Makes my heart happy!

Magazine clippings are folded two times into a square, and piled in a book that I sit and read wherever and whenever I can. After reading, I take the squares out and either post something about them, or I search for them on Pinterest and pin them to a board. I do not listen to negatives about Pinterest, I find complete enjoyment in making my own unique boards for not only myself, but for others to enjoy.

Devotions are with my husband each morning, but since I was a little girl, I have always had personal ones. So, if I find I ran out of time, then I google the Bible passage. Or if I can, I keep a Bible in the truck and read a chapter. And exercise! Well, I do my own workout that I designed for myself that I can do wherever I am and it only takes me about 6 minutes. Then I walk our new country lane or at the park, or if the weather is bad, I walk at Walmart!

My duty as my own organizer will be something I will work on my whole life. I will not fail. I may stall, but I will succeed.

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