A Red Robin Surprise – Round 2!

download.jpg2014-10-16 17.52.14

It is extremely difficult to find yourself in an area near a Red Robin restaurant if you are hungry.  No, let me correct that, it is almost impossible.  Well tonight as we spent time awaiting our son’s final Marine training program for the week, this is the precise position we found ourselves while in the Providence area of Mt. Juliet.  I jokingly stated we could just go in and get a drink, or perhaps use the restroom.  Yeah, right!  Jennifer and I decided with no children in tow, that we would behave very badly.  Ordering two of the Monster Milkshakes, a Pumpkin Pie for her and a chocolate for me. and we would just nibble until we were full.  That is not difficult considering the tall stack of onion rings on the appetizer menu.  And finally, yes, we had to order another delicious hamburger.  How could you not!?!  Don’t forget with each hamburger you receive the endless supply of steak fries.  Oh my, the steak fries……

Milkshakes – wonderful

Onion rings – incredible

Mushroom & Swiss Hamburger – yummy and cooked as we like it!

Steak fries – hard to mess up

Time passed along, the conversation was wonderful, the food was incredible, and the service was extremely nice and helpful.

All in all a well earned A.

Find yourself in a similar predicament, guess what I would recommend? – G




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