Inspiration,Determination,Leader,Encourager,Cheerleader…..My Soldier, My Son

There could not be dreams if I did not have your inspiration. Blending color in to my life. The Red. The White. The Blue. I would be almost lost if I did not see your determination. Your sweat, the dirt, your blood, always going on. The steps I take, would slow to a crawl, if… Continue reading Inspiration,Determination,Leader,Encourager,Cheerleader…..My Soldier, My Son


1940’s Brownsburg Indiana Farm Memory

I remember as a kid…… When I would hear this from my dad, I would slip away in to a comforting place filled with sunshine and the scent of lilacs bushes. Bright sunshine, bluest of blue skies, the creak and slam of the ole’ screen door, and the feel of grass under my feet. Then… Continue reading 1940’s Brownsburg Indiana Farm Memory

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Sitting in the Sand……

Picture the beach, let’s say Cocoa Beach, sitting in the sand, side by side, legs stretched out, facing the water together, sharing a greek salad, lamb gyro, and spinach spanakopita, from (Athen Gyros Mediterranean Cuisine, a definite stop if you find yourself lucky to relax in Cocoa) guarding our food from the quickly gathering seagulls,… Continue reading Sitting in the Sand……