Inspiration,Determination,Leader,Encourager,Cheerleader…..My Soldier, My Son

There could not be dreams if I did not have your inspiration. Blending color in to my life. The Red. The White. The Blue.

I would be almost lost if I did not see your determination. Your sweat, the dirt, your blood, always going on.

The steps I take, would slow to a crawl, if you do not lead. Left. Then right. Marching. The cadence, music to my ear.

My heart would surely stop if you did not offer encouragement. Saying you will be okay. No worries, Momma, alright?

My days would blend with other days if I did not have you cheering me in your gentle ways.  A sweet smile left behind, a lingering hug that I can still feel, an I love you, that I still think I can hear,sometimes whispers in my ear……

As you leave me, my soldier, my son, you are like an eagle, taking flight, flying high, far away,circling the globe,leaving a piece of your soul, like an anchor to my heart.

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