Any bird watchers or experts out there?? Help Me!

Help a city girl who’s trying to be a country girl out!!!        Our last home we lived in was abundant with birds. Cardinals blue jays, and robins had their nests right past the feeders in the trees that lined our backyard. We had a field behind us that had plenty of deer,… Continue reading Any bird watchers or experts out there?? Help Me!


No letter,Something Better

Patiently, I look in to the mail box every single day praying I will find a letter from our son who is becoming a Marine. No letter. No worries. He is working so hard. No letter. No matter. No letter. Yesterday, no letter, but something better. Something that really touched my heart. We received a… Continue reading No letter,Something Better


If I had time…

Last week I watched the movie, About Time, with my daughter. We both like Rachel McAdams acting and presence in a movie. I was able to find it at our local library and we made it a girls night, watching,eating,snacking,hanging out. With any movie we watch together, we seem to really discuss the positive and… Continue reading If I had time…


Beautiful blessings from above

As I followed my husband’s truck out on to the road,I noticed the still very dark sky above. It was 4:30 in the morning and the moon was so bright and the stars looked like they were gently scattered across a backdrop of white clouds and smoky blue sky. I began to pray to the… Continue reading Beautiful blessings from above

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Online Christmas Shopping

Never did I imagine I would sit at home, and shop online for Christmas presents. Unless I was sick or older, I believed I would be among the many that rushed around shoving toys aside to find that this store was sold out of what I really wanted. Should I buy what was on the… Continue reading Online Christmas Shopping